Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let's Create New Media in Chicago event

Last night's media event was a smash! My 60 Minutes with Glenn podcast was featured in the multimedia showcase. The the list of other podcasts and videos featured at Let's Create can be found in Shamontiel's excellent write up of the event at The vibe was great and there was an energy there that words can't describe, not to mention that I met some very interesting people who are also forging ahead in the movement to transcend "new media" (my new favorite buzz word) to inconceivable new heights!

So what is NEW MEDIA? Check out my answer in the following video shot on location at Let's Create. I'm the light-skinned guy one who looks like I'm 6'9" and 310 lbs cheesing my ass off on the video at the 2:07 minute mark.

Let's Create New Media in Chicago! - 9.29.09 from Tim Jahn on Vimeo.

A special thanks goes to Fig Media, Midwest Media Now, Beyond the Pedway, and Big Teeth Productions for putting this event together and giving us creative media folks a chance to network. I can't wait for the next event!