Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West Crashes VMA Stage During Taylor Swift's Award Speech

I am not an entertainment blogger. I'm the last to know about events involving celebrities, but I happened to be watching the MTV VMAs thanks to some "encouragement" from KR. Watch this short video; its about 3 minutes long.

What incredible BITCHASSNESS coming from Kanye West! I really like his music with the exception of that "808s & Heartbreak" garbage that he put out. He's a fuck ass, pussy ass, dick in the booty ass fuck boy for pulling that stunt last night! I was talking with a co-worker of mine and we concluded that Kanye is a bully who preys on people who aren't going to knock him the fuck out. I would have loved to see him rush the stage when 50 Cent is up there and say that Beyonce's video is better than his. Wait a minute! If I recall correctly, they had a manufactured Kanye vs 50 Cent duel a few years ago where "Kanye backed out and didn't say anything" according to Fiddy. Check out this video where 50 Cent mocks Kanye and pretty much makes him look like a bi-otch!

Ironically, this video supports my argument. I agree, 50 Cent isn't a bully; Kanye West is though. The little 5-foot nothing fucker will pick on 19 year old white girls, but he won't pick on any of the rappers who will mop the floor with his face. If there's any consolation, Beyonce displayed a lot of class when she allowed Taylor Swift to stand in her place and have her moment. Often, Beyonce is accused of being arrogant, and she may as well be, but that moment showed me that she's a lot more compassionate than people give her credit for. Much love goes to Beyonce!

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