Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Its 5 AM --Let The Woman Sleep

I ride the 4:26am Metra train every morning to work and in-between nodding off and listening to "that stupid rap shit" as my mother calls it, I see this woman get on maybe 5 stops and 15 minutes from my stop. The woman is a cute little thing. She's light-skinned, has an okay looking face, but her body --oh my goodness! Her body is off the chain like a hungry pit bull. I'd say she's in her late 30s - early 40s. She always has her blackberry and her book, and she's always receiving texts from her boyfriend while she's trying to get her read on. She responds quickly with no facial expression or body language indicating that she's happy to get a text, then he hits her back and this goes on for at least another 15 - 20 minutes.

Yes, I'm awfully nosy, but I'm also very observant. At first I'm like "damn, who the fuck could that be texting this woman every morning at the crack ass of dawn when its still dark outside. It couldn't be her kids because why would they be up at a quarter to 5:00 am? If they had to go to school away from their house then they would be on the same train as their mama, plus kids are fucking lazy anyway. It wouldn't be her parents because most people in that 55+ age group don't text. It wouldn't be a friend unless he or she is trying to become her lover.

The only person who would have the latitude to get away with texting her or anyone else for that matter is her boyfriend or her husband. Looked at her ring finger, NO RING. That eliminates the possibility of him being a husband, so now I'm wondering "cot damn, don't you have anything else better to do than keeping tabs on your woman at 5:00 am. You mean to tell me that you ain't got shit else going in your life beyond keeping tabs --BEFORE BREAKFAST?" At least have a bowl of Lucky Charms first! Its one thing if you text your sweetie and say have a good day and not expect a response beyond "you too sweetie" --especially if they don't live together but more than likely they're shacking up and he's keeping tabs on her. He's probably the type of dude who would give her 20 questions if he texted her before 5:00 am and didn't get a response because she nodded off or something. Hell, he might even beat the fuck out of her when she gets home for not responding in a timely manner. And who the fuck is so jealous of their lover that they have to keep tabs on her before sunrise?

I'm sorry, I think its quite unreasonable to expect a woman to be Johnny on the spot in responding that time of the morning, and her ass shouldn't have started that bullshit with him. She would be better off telling that man under no uncertain terms to get a fucking job because after he's satisfied with her responses the lazy fucker is rolling back over in the bed to sleep until noon while she's at work for the day. And yes the motherfucker's unemployed, because a gainfully employed motherfucker working 40+ hours a week doesn't have time to bullshit his sleep time texting and keeping tabs.

Why do women put up with shit like that? And why do men engage in shit like that?

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