Friday, September 18, 2009

How Should I Spend $30,000?

I will not buy another car
I will not buy another car
I will not buy another car

Okay, I said it three times, but I was seriously considering spending $30,000 on a SUV that I'm so infatuated with. I almost convinced myself that I needed this vehicle, but the truth of the matter is that I don't need a new SUV. In fact, I have a very nice car as it is. Its not a Cadillac, but its the brand that rhymes with that GM brand. I tried to give every excuse why I need to buy this car from "a SUV has 4 wheel drive, I like big trucks, I can use it to haul materials when I'm rehabbing a property, and my mother can use it for her properties too... Yep, I know I'm so full of shit, but those were the reasons that I came up with to spend $1200+ per year on auto insurance to go along with a $700 - $800 note.

Its fucking stupid, but I like toys and I'm materialistic and that's what materialism does to people... it makes us consume more shit that we don't need. Why should I ever spend $30,000 on a liability when I have a book to put my resources behind and other investments that would give me a better return on my money than a SUV? This is what we were taught by this materialistic, unrealistic American society.

At the beginning of my blog I posted three times that I will not buy another car. I mean it!

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