Monday, September 28, 2009

Glenn, get involved in your community!

Everytime a well-publicized tragedy occurs such as the one involving Derrion Albert of Fenger high school, all of a sudden everyone starts shouting "we need to get fed up enough to get actively involved in our communities and in the lives of these children to actually make a difference." And everytime, a bunch of people agree in unison, "you're preaching the truth!" Or make a some statement to that effect. Then of course I get on here and say the obvious truth, "we may agree that we need to get fed up enough to get involved, but the inner city residents will never get fed up enough because collectively we're a bunch of cowards." That's my point of view on it and it will remain my point of view. Of course I'm told that I need to stop thinking collectly and that I need to make it an individual task to get involved, for it only takes one match to light a fire. That statement proves my point! We're all looking for someone else to carry out the actions that we personally think need to be done to instigate positive change instead of putting your money and time where your mouth is. The fact of the matter is, that most of us have a ton of ideas, but we're too selfish to carry them out because we're all making too little money at our shitty jobs to get ahead.

So when I made the following statement in response to hers "my individual task will be to make a 6 figure salary so I can take care of my family, have my future wife at home with my bad ass gambling/card hustling kids with the intent of raising productive citizens. I would like to do extra, but more than likely I won't because deep down inside I don't want to fight with these kids' parents and unstable home lives." Of course she proceeds to tell me that she can't stand people like me, but at least I'm honest. My thing about regular, square folks is that they get on WVON, Facebook, or any other forums and always talk about how "we need to do something to the effect of getting more involved in the communities to save these kids" yet the same people making the suggestions don't take action and honor their own suggestions more times than not. To all those people telling me what I need to do or what I should do, if you really feel that strongly about it TAKE HEED TO YOUR OWN SUGGESTIONS AND DO THEM YOURSELVES!

Do I feel that more needs to be done? Of course I do! Was my exchange harsh? Yes, but so is reality. The fact of the matter is, I have yet to figure out what I'm going to do community service-wise, but it has to be something that I believe in personally. I don't believe in 2 hour marches, I don't believe in anti-gun rallies, or anti-gun laws for tha matter. I don't believe in our self-appointed community leaders, church pastors or any other fill in the blank hypocrites that permeate the inner city ghettos with loud talk, moving sermons, and no actions --ALL OF THAT SHIT HAS BEEN INEFFECTIVE. I always believed from my days as a gambler that an action is always more effective at instigating change of any kind than empty words with no action behind them. I do have some ideas that I've come up with long before Derrion's tragedy, but implementing that process will take a couple years if I'm successful.

If you haven't figured out the best thing to do for your community as an activist, here's how you can have a huge impact on your community.

1) Value your offspring
2) Honor your wife
3) Honor your family
4) Provide the best for your children
5) Be involved in their education
6) Be their parent, not their best friend
7) Be strict when necessary, and be lenient when necessary
8) Be strict with the values that you're going to raise your children with
9) Know your children's friends and be quick to cut them off from bad influences
10)Love your children

If more families did those things we'd more of an impact on the community than volunteering one hour a day painting your local school's fence.