Monday, September 21, 2009

Carson Daly Disses Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Carson Daly is a metrosexual wimp! Here's what he had to say to Curt Wagner from the Chicago Red-Eye newspaper and :

Carson Daly loves Chicago, but he's not so sure about Gino's East deep-dish pizza.

"I'm not convinced," the late-night host told me on Saturday after he ate about half a slice of sausage pie. "Let me try the thin crust.

What a pansy! Seriously, I can't fault Carson Daly for being so wimpy when it comes to pizza. A real man would settle for nothing less than a deep dish spinach and cheese pizza, not that fucking thin crust bullshit unless its from one of two ghetto ass Italian Fiesta locations on the South Side. If fact, if you go to Gino's East, you better not buy me no thin crust pizza. I'll feed that shit to my dogs.

Next time Carson, take your mamby pamby ass to Starbucks to enjoy one of those pumpkin spiced lattes with no shots of expresso.