Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let's Create New Media in Chicago event

Last night's media event was a smash! My 60 Minutes with Glenn podcast was featured in the multimedia showcase. The the list of other podcasts and videos featured at Let's Create can be found in Shamontiel's excellent write up of the event at The vibe was great and there was an energy there that words can't describe, not to mention that I met some very interesting people who are also forging ahead in the movement to transcend "new media" (my new favorite buzz word) to inconceivable new heights!

So what is NEW MEDIA? Check out my answer in the following video shot on location at Let's Create. I'm the light-skinned guy one who looks like I'm 6'9" and 310 lbs cheesing my ass off on the video at the 2:07 minute mark.

Let's Create New Media in Chicago! - 9.29.09 from Tim Jahn on Vimeo.

A special thanks goes to Fig Media, Midwest Media Now, Beyond the Pedway, and Big Teeth Productions for putting this event together and giving us creative media folks a chance to network. I can't wait for the next event!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Glenn, get involved in your community!

Everytime a well-publicized tragedy occurs such as the one involving Derrion Albert of Fenger high school, all of a sudden everyone starts shouting "we need to get fed up enough to get actively involved in our communities and in the lives of these children to actually make a difference." And everytime, a bunch of people agree in unison, "you're preaching the truth!" Or make a some statement to that effect. Then of course I get on here and say the obvious truth, "we may agree that we need to get fed up enough to get involved, but the inner city residents will never get fed up enough because collectively we're a bunch of cowards." That's my point of view on it and it will remain my point of view. Of course I'm told that I need to stop thinking collectly and that I need to make it an individual task to get involved, for it only takes one match to light a fire. That statement proves my point! We're all looking for someone else to carry out the actions that we personally think need to be done to instigate positive change instead of putting your money and time where your mouth is. The fact of the matter is, that most of us have a ton of ideas, but we're too selfish to carry them out because we're all making too little money at our shitty jobs to get ahead.

So when I made the following statement in response to hers "my individual task will be to make a 6 figure salary so I can take care of my family, have my future wife at home with my bad ass gambling/card hustling kids with the intent of raising productive citizens. I would like to do extra, but more than likely I won't because deep down inside I don't want to fight with these kids' parents and unstable home lives." Of course she proceeds to tell me that she can't stand people like me, but at least I'm honest. My thing about regular, square folks is that they get on WVON, Facebook, or any other forums and always talk about how "we need to do something to the effect of getting more involved in the communities to save these kids" yet the same people making the suggestions don't take action and honor their own suggestions more times than not. To all those people telling me what I need to do or what I should do, if you really feel that strongly about it TAKE HEED TO YOUR OWN SUGGESTIONS AND DO THEM YOURSELVES!

Do I feel that more needs to be done? Of course I do! Was my exchange harsh? Yes, but so is reality. The fact of the matter is, I have yet to figure out what I'm going to do community service-wise, but it has to be something that I believe in personally. I don't believe in 2 hour marches, I don't believe in anti-gun rallies, or anti-gun laws for tha matter. I don't believe in our self-appointed community leaders, church pastors or any other fill in the blank hypocrites that permeate the inner city ghettos with loud talk, moving sermons, and no actions --ALL OF THAT SHIT HAS BEEN INEFFECTIVE. I always believed from my days as a gambler that an action is always more effective at instigating change of any kind than empty words with no action behind them. I do have some ideas that I've come up with long before Derrion's tragedy, but implementing that process will take a couple years if I'm successful.

If you haven't figured out the best thing to do for your community as an activist, here's how you can have a huge impact on your community.

1) Value your offspring
2) Honor your wife
3) Honor your family
4) Provide the best for your children
5) Be involved in their education
6) Be their parent, not their best friend
7) Be strict when necessary, and be lenient when necessary
8) Be strict with the values that you're going to raise your children with
9) Know your children's friends and be quick to cut them off from bad influences
10)Love your children

If more families did those things we'd more of an impact on the community than volunteering one hour a day painting your local school's fence.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fenger High School Teen Beaten to Death --On Tape

This is sickening and very graphic. I wish I had answers, but nothing can justify the events that took place on this videotape. The sad part about it, these kids involved will go home to some parent, grandparent, or other adult whose going to aid and abet these kids so that they don't get locked up for the horrific crimes they committed.

I'm tired of marching, singing negro spirituals, and shedding tears. What do we do to take our streets back? When do we stop aiding and abetting these criminals? Being a kid is no excuse for having a lack of humanity. What do we do to force parents to raise their children instead of drinking gin and juice and fucking on their dirty mattresses located in their section 8 apartments all day? I'm tired of the excuse that their parents are away at work while their kids are raising themselves; more times than not this is not the case. I'm tired of people like myself asking questions like these, but not taking action on the shit. When do we stand up and say enough is enough? I have decided that I will be moving out the suburbs and into a neighborhood like this one for personal reasons that have nothing to do with this tragedy. What do I need to do to instigate a change in a community like this one?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Tiger in the Back of the Truck!

I got this coworker at my temporary job who says the most ignorant things and tells the craziest stories. To get a better idea of how he acts, let's just say that every black person's first name to him is nigga. This guy is a true 'bama, but nevertheless he's such a fool that I don't even want to beat his ass when he says some out of pocket shit to me. I just keep reminding him that the NAACP buried the word nigger (includes nigga) two years ago.

Like I said, he tells the craziest fucking stories and I'm going to create a character based on him in one of my future books. Near lunch time he starts telling us this story about one of the drug kingpins on the west side of Chicago. He says, "nigga, I saw the craziest shit on Madison and Independence! The muthafuckin' dope dealer was riding around in his truck with a black and white tiger hangin' out the back growling at people. Muthafuckas was scared than a motherfucka. That nigga just kept growling and I said got damn, it that ain't a motherfuckin' tiger!" The story made no fucking sense, and we all were in stiches.

A few moments later he tells us about the Lion that roams on the side of the road in Ohio. The locals told him "yeah, that's where he roams." "They had to pull the teeth out that nigga!" At this point, I totally lost it! I thought I was going to bust a gut laughing so hard.

Man, this is so ridiculous that I can't make this shit up.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Carson Daly Disses Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Carson Daly is a metrosexual wimp! Here's what he had to say to Curt Wagner from the Chicago Red-Eye newspaper and :

Carson Daly loves Chicago, but he's not so sure about Gino's East deep-dish pizza.

"I'm not convinced," the late-night host told me on Saturday after he ate about half a slice of sausage pie. "Let me try the thin crust.

What a pansy! Seriously, I can't fault Carson Daly for being so wimpy when it comes to pizza. A real man would settle for nothing less than a deep dish spinach and cheese pizza, not that fucking thin crust bullshit unless its from one of two ghetto ass Italian Fiesta locations on the South Side. If fact, if you go to Gino's East, you better not buy me no thin crust pizza. I'll feed that shit to my dogs.

Next time Carson, take your mamby pamby ass to Starbucks to enjoy one of those pumpkin spiced lattes with no shots of expresso.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Glenn Gamble's Game Plan

Here are the steps that I'm going to take to become successful beyond my wildest dreams:

1) Direct sell my books (A Thousand Chances) anywhere there's a bunch of people starting today 9/20/2009. I will do this for the next 5 years and 3 months.

2) Buy a 6 - 12 flat building cash after 6 months - 1 year of direct selling my books.

3) Refinance that 6 - 12 flat for amount of money it will take for me to buy and fix up the building and buy and fix the next building. This will happen after I fix up the first building. I will repeat this process for a lifetime.

4) Start my non-profit organization for Art, Music, and Theater 3 years from the date that I set to start direct selling my books.

5) Get married in 3 - 5 years from today's date.

My goal is to make $100,000 per year starting in 2010.

Friday, September 18, 2009

How Should I Spend $30,000?

I will not buy another car
I will not buy another car
I will not buy another car

Okay, I said it three times, but I was seriously considering spending $30,000 on a SUV that I'm so infatuated with. I almost convinced myself that I needed this vehicle, but the truth of the matter is that I don't need a new SUV. In fact, I have a very nice car as it is. Its not a Cadillac, but its the brand that rhymes with that GM brand. I tried to give every excuse why I need to buy this car from "a SUV has 4 wheel drive, I like big trucks, I can use it to haul materials when I'm rehabbing a property, and my mother can use it for her properties too... Yep, I know I'm so full of shit, but those were the reasons that I came up with to spend $1200+ per year on auto insurance to go along with a $700 - $800 note.

Its fucking stupid, but I like toys and I'm materialistic and that's what materialism does to people... it makes us consume more shit that we don't need. Why should I ever spend $30,000 on a liability when I have a book to put my resources behind and other investments that would give me a better return on my money than a SUV? This is what we were taught by this materialistic, unrealistic American society.

At the beginning of my blog I posted three times that I will not buy another car. I mean it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Job Interview Tips During the Recession

Job tip #1

Be prepared to interview at any time. I just recieved an assignment from my boss stating that I have to bring him x amount of qualified candidates by the end of the week. That means, I don't have time to say "hi, I like your resume, let's schedule an interview for next week." No you need to be prepared to interview as soon as you submit a resume.

Job tip #2

If your interview is over the telephone, always have your resume in front of you. More than likely you will need to confirm places of employment, dates, duties, etc. Never ever tell the interviewer "I don't see why I need to give you my employment information over the phone when I already filled out a resume/application online." The fact of the matter is, you don't need to see why you need to give that information over the phone, JUST DO IT or risk your resume being dumped in the trash bin.

Job tip #3

Make sure you have read the job description and done some research on the company as well. Its not hard, just surfing around the company website will suffice. Believe it or not, sometimes the company will give you vital information about themselves in the job description such as what they specialize in, whether or not they're a Fortune 500 company, and how they're growing.

Job tip #4

Maintain a pleasant and positive attitude throughout the interview. You're probably thinking, all the job candidates that I'm competing with already know this and are doing this. Believe it or not, half the time job candidates are rude, unpleasant and unprofessional. Just by being friendly and displaying your good communication skills, you've already beaten half your competition. You'll be surprised at how many instances a candidate has gotten the job over more qualified candidates simply because the candidate won the interviewer over with his/her personality and the interviewer subsequently enjoyed interviewing that person, especially after having interviewed two rude idiots before him/her.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West Crashes VMA Stage During Taylor Swift's Award Speech

I am not an entertainment blogger. I'm the last to know about events involving celebrities, but I happened to be watching the MTV VMAs thanks to some "encouragement" from KR. Watch this short video; its about 3 minutes long.

What incredible BITCHASSNESS coming from Kanye West! I really like his music with the exception of that "808s & Heartbreak" garbage that he put out. He's a fuck ass, pussy ass, dick in the booty ass fuck boy for pulling that stunt last night! I was talking with a co-worker of mine and we concluded that Kanye is a bully who preys on people who aren't going to knock him the fuck out. I would have loved to see him rush the stage when 50 Cent is up there and say that Beyonce's video is better than his. Wait a minute! If I recall correctly, they had a manufactured Kanye vs 50 Cent duel a few years ago where "Kanye backed out and didn't say anything" according to Fiddy. Check out this video where 50 Cent mocks Kanye and pretty much makes him look like a bi-otch!

Ironically, this video supports my argument. I agree, 50 Cent isn't a bully; Kanye West is though. The little 5-foot nothing fucker will pick on 19 year old white girls, but he won't pick on any of the rappers who will mop the floor with his face. If there's any consolation, Beyonce displayed a lot of class when she allowed Taylor Swift to stand in her place and have her moment. Often, Beyonce is accused of being arrogant, and she may as well be, but that moment showed me that she's a lot more compassionate than people give her credit for. Much love goes to Beyonce!

Friday, September 11, 2009


So smooth so sweet
A wonder of this world
Tasty candy, chocolate meat

This chocolate you can't buy out the store
And don't you dare try
This chocolate I'm talkin' about is all mine
With no wrapper, no sugar, no UPC code
This chocolate of mine is one of a kind
Can't wait to open and unwrap
Been waiting all day to indulge in this chocolate of mine

This chocolate won't melt in my mouth
Its one of a kind
A thick, chocolate scuplture
Just one look brightens my day

Dark chocolate, thick chocolate
I'll never get enough
No sugar, no sweeteners
Just pure sweetness in natural form
This chocolate's special
Because this chocolate's good for me and good to eat

© Copyright 2009
All Rights Reserved
Glenn Gamble

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Its Obama Hunting Season

Republican Rex Rammell, candidate for Idaho state governor in the 2010 primary joked about buying a wolf hunting license to hunt President Barack Obama a few weeks ago. While I'm not surprised at the inappropriate remark coming from this hillbilly --I am disappointed at the fact that the national media has been covering this story very softly. The man threatens to hunt Obama and no one's angry about this? Seriously, this is a man who threatened the life of the president which is a federal offense that carries a minimum 5 year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine. I'm really starting to believe that the Republicans are above the law and the Democrats are a bunch of pussies. Had I made that kind of threat, I'd be under the jail right after the federal agents beat the shit out of me. The United States is still the land that unofficially has two Americas.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Its 5 AM --Let The Woman Sleep

I ride the 4:26am Metra train every morning to work and in-between nodding off and listening to "that stupid rap shit" as my mother calls it, I see this woman get on maybe 5 stops and 15 minutes from my stop. The woman is a cute little thing. She's light-skinned, has an okay looking face, but her body --oh my goodness! Her body is off the chain like a hungry pit bull. I'd say she's in her late 30s - early 40s. She always has her blackberry and her book, and she's always receiving texts from her boyfriend while she's trying to get her read on. She responds quickly with no facial expression or body language indicating that she's happy to get a text, then he hits her back and this goes on for at least another 15 - 20 minutes.

Yes, I'm awfully nosy, but I'm also very observant. At first I'm like "damn, who the fuck could that be texting this woman every morning at the crack ass of dawn when its still dark outside. It couldn't be her kids because why would they be up at a quarter to 5:00 am? If they had to go to school away from their house then they would be on the same train as their mama, plus kids are fucking lazy anyway. It wouldn't be her parents because most people in that 55+ age group don't text. It wouldn't be a friend unless he or she is trying to become her lover.

The only person who would have the latitude to get away with texting her or anyone else for that matter is her boyfriend or her husband. Looked at her ring finger, NO RING. That eliminates the possibility of him being a husband, so now I'm wondering "cot damn, don't you have anything else better to do than keeping tabs on your woman at 5:00 am. You mean to tell me that you ain't got shit else going in your life beyond keeping tabs --BEFORE BREAKFAST?" At least have a bowl of Lucky Charms first! Its one thing if you text your sweetie and say have a good day and not expect a response beyond "you too sweetie" --especially if they don't live together but more than likely they're shacking up and he's keeping tabs on her. He's probably the type of dude who would give her 20 questions if he texted her before 5:00 am and didn't get a response because she nodded off or something. Hell, he might even beat the fuck out of her when she gets home for not responding in a timely manner. And who the fuck is so jealous of their lover that they have to keep tabs on her before sunrise?

I'm sorry, I think its quite unreasonable to expect a woman to be Johnny on the spot in responding that time of the morning, and her ass shouldn't have started that bullshit with him. She would be better off telling that man under no uncertain terms to get a fucking job because after he's satisfied with her responses the lazy fucker is rolling back over in the bed to sleep until noon while she's at work for the day. And yes the motherfucker's unemployed, because a gainfully employed motherfucker working 40+ hours a week doesn't have time to bullshit his sleep time texting and keeping tabs.

Why do women put up with shit like that? And why do men engage in shit like that?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chicago Public School Teachers Pressured to Change Grades

The Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Sun-Times conducted a survey of 1200 Chicago Public School teachers in which 1 in 5 teachers say they felt pressure to change grades last year. Read about it at,CST-NWS-grades30.article because I'm not going to rewrite the article here.

This is just another reason out of a huge laundry list of reasons why the Chicago Public School system is the worst in the nation. In a city where it is customary for the media, politicians, and ignorant citizens to place unfair and unwarranted blame on CPS school teachers for underachieving students; this has got to be the most disheartening news I've come across. As a CPS student for the last two years of my high school career, I can say that teachers work extremely hard with little to no resources available to them and with little to no involvement from the students' parents. For teachers to have the little power that they have --the evaluation of students-- be taken away from them I find that very shameful and unacceptable. I can only imagine how demoralizing it is for the schoolteachers who otherwise have unquestionable integrity to be pressured to change grades by their principals or other administrators above them in order to continue to be able to meet their most basic obligations such as rent/mortgage, food, clothes, children, etc.

How dare the Chicago Public School system engage in such tactics as to artificially inflate the progress of their schools! Aren't CPS teachers under enough stress as it is, especially when they're already pressured to improve test scores or risk their school be closed and their jobs be taken away in the process? What does this look like to the scores of colleges across the nation who make the determination of whether or not to accept CPS students into their school? What metrics will the colleges have to evaluate their prospective students from the CPS when their students' grade could have been artificially inflated? Do these administrators have any idea of the disservice they're doing to the students by inflating their grades? Here's one disturbing incident where the principal of Robeson High School, Gerald Morrow is almost instructing teachers to inflate grades at Professional Development Day

How are colleges and universities supposed to distinguish Chicago Public Schools from say, diploma mills who promise anyone with $99 that they'll mail you a high school diploma in less than two weeks?

Joe Biden's Lying About the FAILURE of the Economic Stimulus

Read this Associated Press article:

FACT CHECK: Biden ignores problems with stimulus
By BRETT J. BLACKLEDGE, Associated Press Writer Brett J. Blackledge, Associated Press Writer Thu Sep 3, 7:42 pm ET

WASHINGTON – Vice President Joe Biden proclaimed success beyond expectations Thursday for the $787 billion economic stimulus, but his glowing assessment overlooks many of the program's problems, including delays in releasing money, questionable spending priorities and project picks that are under investigation.

In a speech aimed squarely at Republican criticism and public skepticism over the costly program's effectiveness, Biden said accomplishments over the past 100 days provide proof of promises kept when he and President Barack Obama began rolling out the plan earlier this year.

"The Recovery Act is doing more, faster and more efficiently and more effectively than most people expected," he said.

The stimulus program includes tax cuts, billions for Medicaid and unemployment benefits, and a massive federal investment in education, environmental projects, technology and traditional infrastructure work. The administration has struggled to make the case that the huge spending program has delivered real economic recovery at a time when the nation's unemployment rate threatens to top 10 percent.

Biden, Obama's chief stimulus cheerleader, proudly pointed to more than 2,200 highway projects Thursday funded by the program, but didn't mention the growing frustration among contractors that infrastructure money is only trickling out and thus far hasn't delivered the needed boost in jobs.

"It is difficult to understand why more communities aren't moving to put their stimulus funds to work while they are experiencing these kinds of job losses," Stephen E. Sandherr, head of the Associated General Contractors of America, said in a statement this week. "Coping with the red tape required by the stimulus ought to be worth it to help put neighbors and friends back to work."

The problem is with money for building projects, not roads and highways, Sandherr said.

Biden noted 192 airports targeted for improvements with stimulus money, but made no reference to the investigation launched after a federal watchdog raised concerns about how the projects were selected.

Transportation Department Inspector General Calvin Scovel said last month he will examine the Federal Aviation Administration's process for selecting programs for the $1.1 billion in grant money. His announcement came after his office discovered that the Obama administration used stimulus money to pay for 50 airport projects that didn't meet the grant criteria and approved projects at four airports with a history of mismanaging federal grants.

And Biden praised the more than 2,400 military construction projects paid for with stimulus money, but ignored the millions of dollars in savings the Defense Department lost because it hasn't competitively bid many of the jobs.

The Defense Department frequently awards no-bid work to small contractors for repairs at military bases under the stimulus, costing taxpayers millions of dollars more than when businesses compete for the work, an Associated Press analysis of 570 such contracts found.

Biden exercised some restraint in his praise for the stimulus' impact. He took a more cautious approach, for example, when asked if his declaration of stimulus success means Americans can now rethink the common view that government is wasteful and inefficient.

"I think it's too early to make that decision, to be very blunt about it," he said.

And Biden didn't attempt to credit the stimulus alone for signs of broad economic recovery, saying it was one of several government actions that are helping.

"Had we done just this and not done the incredibly unpopular thing of bailing out the banks, had we had done this and tried to deal with stabilizing the housing market, had we done only this we would not be where we are," he said.

But most of Biden's remarks focused on what he argued is evidence of success with the stimulus, even if his examples were questionable.

In making the case that the recovery program was not just economically sound but also good policy, Biden noted that transportation money was replacing unsafe bridges.

"It is worthwhile to take some of those 5,000 bridges out there that are ready to collapse, follow what happened in the upper Midwest, and fix them," he said.

But most states are spending stimulus money on bridges that are already in good shape, another AP analysis found. Of the 2,476 bridges scheduled to receive stimulus money so far, nearly half have passed inspections with high marks, according to federal data. Those 1,123 sound bridges received such high inspection ratings that they normally would not qualify for federal bridge money, yet they will share in more than $1.2 billion in stimulus money, the AP analysis published in July found.

The vice president's speech is part of a concerted White House push in advance of the 200th day of the stimulus act on Saturday. Five top administration officials also were speaking about the law's benefits on Thursday in appearances in Arkansas, Virginia, Illinois, California and Minnesota.

Play the Joe Biden video for yourselves

Yep, Joe Biden is lying to the American people because he thinks that we're stupid.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Oprah Winfrey on Chris Brown

We all know what happened between Chris Brown and Rhianna so I won't rehash the events here (for more details, just do a Google search). Ever since that incident took place Oprah Winfrey has been attacking young Chris. Considering that she doesn't know the entire story Oprah's out of bounds for making many of the harsh accusations that she has made toward him. After all, Rhianna could have attacked Chris Brown, and don't give me that shit about her hitting him not hurting, and how little and fragile her body is and that he shouldn't have retaliated if that was the case. No one would say shit about Shaquille O'Neal breaking Katt Williams in two if Katt kept hitting him in his shins. No, you all would say "that nigga Katt got what was coming to him, he shouldn't have been fucking with Shaq like that." The same should go for Rhianna and other women like her. I'm not saying that she deserved the ass-kicking that she got, because I don't know all the facts --I'm saying that no adult deserves to be hit. Its not as easy as "oh, I'ma walk away" when the woman is the aggressor and won't let you walk away. If you don't want to get beat the fuck up, don't hit men, instead resolve your issues through talking; or leaving altogether if he's unreasonable.

See the issue I have with Oprah isn't for her opinion on whether or not Chris Brown was wrong for beating the tar out of Rhianna --he was. Its her "yassa massa" attitude it comes to black male celebrities and white male celebrities. For instance Tom Sizemore, Vanilla Ice, Sean Penn and many other white celebrities have all been arrested for domestic violence yet I've never seen Oprah discuss these celebrities with the same vigor that she pursued the Chris Brown/Rhianna incident.

Then again, I'm not surprised --Oprah has had a history of speaking down on black men and saying nothing critical about white men, especially when it comes to celebrities. Remember the Don Imus incident involving the Rutgers Women's Basketball team? Notice how she took that issue and deflected it away from the real culprit, Don Imus, and used it as a reason to have a town hall meeting on her show about the derogatory language used in hip hop music. She never addressed Don Imus for calling black women nappy headed hos --instead she insinuated that the reason why this good ol' white man called those women nappy headed hos is because the rappers are doing it. What a slap in the face Oprah!

Furthermore, if Oprah's going to drag the black celebrities in the mud without having all the facts --then I want to see her go after the white celebrities with the same vigor. Start holding the white men accountable in the same disrespect as you would for the black male celebrities or don't say anything at all. Until she does this I will have no respect for her.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Recession Has Ended?

I've been hearing news reports stating that economists believe that the recession is over, but predict the jobless rate will keep rising until at least next summer as the country struggles to mount a sustained recovery. That has got to be the dumbest shit I've heard.

First of all, you got millions of people losing their jobs. Second, you got thousands of foreclosed homes going to auctions for pennies on the dollar of their original values because these people have lost their jobs and can't find new ones; Third, you've got politicians including our "magic negro" Barack Obama making dumb claims such as "the economy is getting better as a result of my spending on 6% of the economic stimulus package" or "the housing market is recovering due to the rise in the average home sales price and the volume of homes being sold." Its utter bullshit!

They feed this shit to the public and the public continues to believe it, despite MILLIONS of people losing their jobs. Home prices have risen for two reasons: 1) $8,000 credit that the US Federal Govt. is giving to homebuyers/investors who buy houses in target areas (can we say inner-city or low income areas); 2) Home prices have hit a floor for the past 18 months or so and the investors and first time homeowners are buying properties at bargain prices. Homes are still being foreclosed on or being sold at ridiculous losses. Home sales in the middle to high end market are still shit. If a house cost more than $150,000 right now, its not going to sell for months. If you don't believe me, ask the homeowners in their $300K houses who are saying that they can't sell their properties because their neighbors' foreclosed homes are selling for half their value. Yet President Obama and the news media wants us to believe that the recession has ended.

Then there were a few months were a decline in job losses was actually being celebrated. A declined from 700k to 520k in the current month's job losses is nothing to celebrate, nor is it a sign of economic recovery. That's 500k more people whose economic power has significantly declined due to the fact that they lost their jobs. What about the millions of people who lost their jobs the previous 7 months of this year who haven't found jobs? That certainly cannot help GDP which hasn't kept pace with the average salaries of US workers in over 25 years.

U.S. GDP has fallen for four straight quarters for the first time since government records started in 1947. Yet the pundits will tell you that the economy is starting to get better because the stock market is rallying. I may not be an economic expert, but the stock market is glorified gambling for many day traders. The stock market is not the best barometer of how the economy is doing or how its going to do in the days to come. GDP is the best way to measure the economy because it measures the volume of goods that everyone in the United States are buying. GDP is falling and is forcasted to continue to fall because of many factors such as job loss, people's unemployment benefits running out, slow job market, declining business, and low wages.

Although the prices of goods and services has risen for the past 25+ years, the average salary of US workers has not kept up with GDP because the rich people/companies/corporation who benefitted from a grow GDP (growing profits) didn't not reinvest their profits into their employees by giving higher wage increases and hiring more people at higher salaries. Why? Because the days of being able to walk out of one job into another have been long gone and the job market has been hyper competitive many years before the Bush (Dubya) administration thanks to Carter, Reagan, and Clinton signing legislature to contract out government jobs and outsource industrial jobs which buttered the bread of the majority of the middle class.

Let's not forget that the same banking industry who has turned our economy upside down were the ones who were rewarded with bailouts from Bush and Obama while millions of Americans have not received a bailout package as they continue to deplete food pantries all over the country. Let's not forget that the Obama administration and Congress has not drafted legislation to put regulations on the banking industry to make sure that this won't happen again. Instead, the banks who were already too big to fail have gotten even BIGGER and Obama and Congress has not moved on this. The banking industry is just as unregulated as it was last year when Bush grabbed his nuts and told America that the bailout better be passed. Personally, I respect the fact that Dubya got brass balls to ruin this country and then make demands at the same time, but that's another blog for another day.

I would like to see the day when people will no longer tolerate the hot air that the media and these politicians are blowing up our asses and demand real change that will lead to real progress. Like one of my coworkers had said, I'm surprised that this country hasn't had a revolution yet.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Your Long, Natural Black Hair

Her hair is long and silky
"No more wigs" I tell her
"You're pretty"
"Your hair's healthy and more beautiful than that wig or hair weave could ever be"

I like who you are
Unadulterated, pure, and uncovered
Wigs and hair pieces are an insult to your natural beauty
The natural beauty that God's blessed you with

So the next time you look in the mirror
And you're in doubt because of a bad hair day
Envision me whispering in your ear this Lil Wayne rap line
"I don't think you're beautiful, I think you're beyond it."

© Copyright 2009
All Rights Reserved
Glenn Gamble