Sunday, August 30, 2009

Poker and Publishing

Anyone who has gotten to know me recently knows that I've squared up quite a bit. I haven't been to the Majestic or the Horseshoe in over 6 months --the games are dry as hell at Majestic and Horseshoe is just way too far from the southwest suburbs-- and I haven't played one hand of online poker since May. Even when I was playing within the past year or so, I played very sporadically because I work full-time and I only got two days a week off from work. Now I only get one, and the last thing I want to do is get on Poker Stars still exhausted from running on 3 hours of sleep for the previous 6 days in my work week and risk losing my paycheck due to a lack of focus and missing betting patterns, etc.

I would feel like a:

for being such an idiot and logging in to be dead money for the players who've been grinding out a few big bets per hour at 5 different tables everyday. Their focus is there because they've been playing everyday and they haven't been working a square job 75 hours per week. While my dumb ass would be:

Trying to concentrate and play:

Just to fuck around and get:

by more than one:

Besides, making that dirty dollar is a lot harder these days. I'm a better live poker player than I am online, but the live games in my local area are dry as rotted wood unless there's a big tournament going on at one of the boats, so I adjusted and started playing online and actually turned a profit, but not enough of one to quit my day job, so when my second job called and asked if I wanted to work for them again this summer, I said HELLS YEAHS and abandoned the up and down money swings in poker to grind for some steady money in a second square job so I can really get behind my publishing company and give my book A THOUSAND CHANCES more exposure to the public.

Once I made the majority of the money --I still have 3 more paychecks to collect this summer-- I wound up having a difficult decision to make. Should I spend all the money I made this summer on my publishing company? Or should I quit my primary job after the second job ends and use half the money for my poker bankroll and the other half for my book? I ended up choosing neither and decided that the smartest thing for me to do at this moment would be to put most of the money in a 15 month CD and use only a fraction of it for promotional purposes.

After all, I'm finding it extremely difficult to get into bookstores and those alternative venues that self-publishing experts like to talk about online such as hosting a book signing in a supermarket is extremely difficult to get into as well. I decided that because my book isn't going to be readily available to the public that I will have to get off my ass and direct sell my book peddler's license be damned. With that said, I no longer need posters, easel boards, ad space or orders of mass quantities of my book because no bookstore, gas station or supermarket will carry my book right now.

Fine, I'm taking a page from the street lit authors book and loading up my car or my cart and hitting the streets and approaching anyone who looks like they can read. Its not like I haven't been told no to my face before, and when I got rejected by the store managers and business owners in person it really didn't feel that bad. Either shit, or get off the pot, and they got off the pot immediately, I respect that. I also understand that for every 3 people who say no one will take a chance and say yes. If I get 150 nos throughout the day, I'll have 50 book sales per day using that ratio. I no longer feel any apprehension of appearing to be a sleazeball salesman because the people who criticize us street sellers are the ones not making any real money and worried about whether or not their jobs are safe. The fact of the matter is, I got a really good book sitting in my closet and I need to sell my inventory whether its through a store or out my trunk --a sale is a sale.

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