Thursday, August 27, 2009

Glenn Gamble's Struggles

This is the first entry in my blog and I must say that its long overdue. Obviously, this is my author blog that all the internet book marketing gurus say that I must have. Although that advice may be golden, I will not create a blog that's totally dedicated to my being an author, even though it is the case. Before I'm an author I am a human being first and sometimes I will speak on things happening in my personal life too. If you dig deep enough, you can find some of the blogs that I've written in the past on MySpace and you will come across my personal Facebook page and if you're fortunate enough to have been able to follow those, you know that you will enjoy my blogs, but I digress.

I'm coming to a lot of realizations lately with a lot of things being thrown my way in both my personal and *cough* professional life. Should I go back to school? Should I take this job? Should I quit my current primary job? Why am I killing myself working two jobs? Should I put more effort behind my book marketing? Is it even worth the effort? Should I tell this woman how I feel about her? Or is she even worth it?

These are a lot of questions coming at me really fast right now and I feel like a zombie in the twilight zone and I really don't know what to do. Right now I'm at a job that I really hate, but I love the company. I just don't see myself doing this as a career for more than 6 months from today, yet the job market is so shitty right now that its not like I can walk away from this job to the next job. And don't ask "well Glenn aren't you an author?" AUTHORS DON'T MAKE MONEY WHEN THE BOOKS AREN'T FLYING OFF THE SHELVES!

Which brings me to another thing I'm grappling with. I haven't put any effort behind my book and I have cheated myself and wasted my time by writing this book and putting it out to the public. With that said, I'm proud of my book --A THOUSAND CHANCES which is available at and its a very good book and I stand behind my work. A THOUSAND CHANCES is a very personal book of mine --although its fiction-- because its loosely based on my life experiences as a former professional gambler who's stuck in square society wondering why I don't fit in. The book is not a totally true account of my real life, but the cynicism, my struggles with opening up to a special woman that I would like to forge a deeper bond with (KR), and the standoffish-ness are all true.

This is a story that every adult man and woman needs to read to better understand their own reluctance to commit to anyone or anything and you won't realize it because it does such a good job entertaining the reader --YOU. Yet, I feel like I cheated myself by putting the promotion behind this book on hold because I'm too busy working two secular jobs this summer to build my reserves. I haven't committed any time to my book, my poetry, or that special someone that I keep pushing away for reasons I can't explain. Everything and everyone I love has been put on hold for money which is starting to bring me back to my loneliest days as a road gambler who always had a several women from state to state who were a ton of fun, but none who are in my corner. Now I find myself aimlessly single with an equally aimless plan of creating more exposure for my book.

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  1. Sometimes it is best to be alone..that way you can actually FOCUS. If you're time and energy is placed on "someone" or "something" else, how are you actually going to truly be focused on what you should be focused on.WHy do you think that some of the great writers isolate themselves while working on their projects. Think of it as a blessing in disguise (hell yhea I said it!) I remember being told that " nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream." So wake the f*** up Glenn and get moving!!!!! If you want success in the writing game, you gotta stop worrying about other sh*t and put your priorities in order. Everything else will fall in place. Needs outweigh wants. Remember that. And yes I had the nerve to comment, so what! I am sure that you will have something sarcastic to say. But I am a big girl...I can take it!