Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Fear of Hustling

Okay, I've been a cook, package handler, game room attendant, dock supervisor, mail room clerk, HR recruiter, telemarketer, professional gambler, and a few more job titles that I can't think of at this moment. Despite having worked a number of shitty jobs over the years at the heart of all of them, I've always been a hustler. In fact, the shittier the job, the better hustler I was. For instance, I used to sell mix cds on the 169 bus when I was a package handler at UPS. I was in college, barely scratching $150 per week, but I remember a number of individuals who sold bootleg cds when I was a student at SIU. I learned the game from them and kept my ear to the street and to the radio to keep up with what's hot and I would make sure that I always got the songs and mixes that everyone wanted. I considered myself a true hip-hopper back in those days who had a lot of hard to find music in my collection. Oh, how I long for the days of Napster and Kazaa when they were free and had hard to find music ranging from DFC, to the chocolate factory bootleg that made me hundreds of dollars.

With me being an artist you might think that I feel guilt about being a bootlegger back in the day. FUCK NO.. in fact I'm proud of it. I'd like to kick myself in the ass for taking the promotion to a part-time supervisor position even to this day, although I learned a different hustle, motivating men. In learning that hustle, I lost the fearlessness I possessed when I was selling bootleg cds to a bunch of individuals that I didn't know.. initially. I'd walk up to people and say "what do you listen to? Who's your favorite rapper? Singer?" Then I'd get them engaged in conversation (this bus ride was an hour), then BAM! I'd pull out my large cd collection that people were highly impressed with. Then I'd say "I can get you anything you want in that binder for $5 and if its not on that binder, get me the name of the songs you want and the order you want them in and I'll have em for you by the end of the week (this was before WI-FI cards and high speed internet).

Then I worked a bunch of telemarketing and sales jobs, I got used to hiding behind a phone when asking people to buy that I developed a fear of no because I got hung up on so much. When people heard me selling on the phones during a good economy I was told "man Glenn, you should sell cars. You'd be really good!" At that point, people had been belligerent so many times over the phone that I had said "I can't take these people being rude to me face to face." This fear had stopped me from selling to people in person.

Shortly after going into sales, I started experiencing a high level of success in local poker tournaments and in the $2/5 and $5/10 no limit games at the local casinos. I did this for a few years and got tired of the up and down swings of this lifestyle, not to mention that I saw that a lot of the bad players were going broke to myself and other pros so the games started drying up. I traveled down south to try to keep myself going, but eventually poor money management, loaning deadbeats, bad swings, and allowing too many railbirds to play on my bankroll temporarily forced me out of the gambling life. However, I was a hustler of a different sort on the felt. I'd play tight-aggressive for a stretch, then loose aggressive, then somewhere in-between. I had developed an ability to keep my opponents off balance and hustle them out of money based on my level of deception or hand strength depending on the situation. Now that construction jobs have slowed, there aren't as many bad poker players lurking around in the Chicago area poker rooms. The Majestic and Ameristar is dead, and while the Hammond Horseshoe has taken all the poker business from other local casinos, it takes an hour and a half for me to get there thanks to its location. No thanks!

Then I started playing online for low-stakes and won enough money to cover set-up fees and my first print run. Around this time, I started working square jobs again and initially I didn't have the time to sell my books. Then with my hours having been reduced at my job and me having spent my bankroll on the production of my book, I was forced to try to sell off my first print run with little success. The reason being: I was scared to walk up to people and ask them for $15. Now all of a sudden, I'm just like the man who sells Streetwise newspapers. People look at my book selling as a broke desperate author, no one wants to buy a book from a desperate author! I had forgotten how to hustle so I'm replaying all these negative thoughts in my mind and as a result I would sit in the train station and watch people enter while being scared to approach them; until one day I got tired of wasting my bus fare to not sell my book. This time I mustered up enough courage to approach a young white girl, who might have been a teenager and as I was trying to tell her about my book, something magical happened as I tried to hand her a copy. She said, "no thank you sir, I'm not interested!" I hesitated for a split second because I was amazed at how her rejecting my sales pitch didn't feel as bad as I thought it would. I then said thank you and moved on to the next person that looked like she fit my demographic, and now I'm a hustler again!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Arrogance and Humility

Earlier today I received a phone call from MH and although I was reluctant to speak to her, I decided to pick up the phone to hear what she had to say.

Me: "Hello"

MH: "Hey, how ya doing?"

Me: "I'm okay and you"

MH: "I'm okay."

Me: "Okay"

MH: "Happy Holidays to you Glenn." (after a brief awkward silence)

Me: "Thank you and Happy Holidays to you too MH."

MH: "Thank you"

Me: "You're welcome"

MH: "So what are you doing right now?"

Me: "Nothing, just enjoying the holidays. You?"

MH: "Watching TV with my family."

Me: "Okay"

MH: "Wow, you're a man of few words."

Me: "You asked me your questions and I answered them. Anyway, why did you call me?"

MH: "Why are you being so mean?"

Me: "I'm not being mean, but you called me MH. Where are you going with this?"

MH: "Don't you have anything to say to me? Don't you have an apology for me?"

Me: "APOLOGY? I got things to do, bye!"

I decided to end all contact with MH a week ago last Sunday because she falsely accused me of being behind a bad deed that she thought was being done to her. After the way today's conversation went, I have no regrets about my decision, although I am very disappointed. Last week, I couldn't get past the fact that she elected to not show any self-accountability for her actions after she found that I wasn't behind the deed and she still ignored the fact that I was hurt by her accusations. Not to mention that the actual deed wasn't bad at all and that one of her family members had actually sent her a gift.

I'm more disappointed in MH after talking to her because of the arrogance she displayed towards the end of our short conversation. I was expecting more humility from her, but she decided to be arrogant and ask me whether or not I have an apology for her. She knows full well that I have no apology for her because I did nothing wrong. She made a false accusation towards me, and it was very malicious considering that she was accusing me of a reprehensible act. I was not very happy about the false accusations, but I'm even more disgusted by her expectation of an apology from me when I did nothing wrong! She knows that I did nothing wrong, but to expect an apology from her because I was offended by being falsely accused and feeling like a suspect. I am very offended by the arrogance that she displayed today.

I'm very disappointed in MH because she's a much better person than this. She's a beautiful human being, both inside and out. She's kind, personable, nurturing, ambitious, articulate, and intelligent. I expect better out of MH because she's a much better person than that. She's not arrogant by nature, but for her to speak to me in that manner was disgusting and offensive. I was hoping for an apology from her for making false accusations and assumptions about me, but she decided to show arrogance instead of humility. I wanted more from her last week when she made excuses to justify her false accusations, and I wanted more from her than her display of arrogance when she called today. Her lack of accountability has really disappointed me, because she's a much better person than this. I truly hope that she can identify her shortcomings and correct them because she is so much better than this.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hustling and Heartbreak

Sometimes I believe that relationships are a lost cause for me until other people talk sense into me. I'm a good man; I swear I am, but I tend to fuck up my own relationships with women, except for the last woman. I'm not going to go into details about the last woman I was seeing because I'm learning not to speak ill of anyone. I will say this: I did a few good deeds for her and she accused me of something reprehensible before the last good deed was completed. After taking a day to think about it I had a chance encounter with her on the Sheridan train stop where I was selling my books and upon seeing her, I decided to break all ties with her. I liked this woman and thought that we had a future together until I realized that because she accused me of a bad deed she really expects bad deeds to be done unto her by the people she's dating. In a way, I feel sorry for her because I know that feeling of constant pessimism.

In fact, the pessimism that I'm referring to drove a wedge between me and KR that has yet to be overcome. Its funny that I encountered this not even a year after KR because I got to feel how KR felt when I walked out on her in such an angry rage. I feel like I can't say 'I'm sorry' enough times because that's how much I hurt her and then some. I picked a bad time to realize how sensitive she is by nature, but getting past that she's a sweetheart, but I digress. MH's pessimism has been triggered by events in her past that would cause for her to always suspect anyone who has her address. And for her to even fix her mouth to say that I could be capable of doing the reprehensible deed that she accused me of not only hurts, but tells me that she believes that she did something pretty foul in that warrants the kind of deed that she accused me of. This made me think "hmmm.. perhaps I don't know her as well as I thought. Ain't no telling what kind of dirt she might have done in her past, perhaps I should rethink this."

Its a shame because I really liked her and my kind deed blew up in my face. As I was breaking up with her, I could only think of how KR felt when I walked out on her after she had set up a great afternoon at her apartment.. I will not go into details. With KR, I started overthinking things and blew my volcano. Sometimes I think, "had I just been a little more patient we'd be planning a log cabin getaway instead of trading verbal shots at each other through a mutual acquaintance on our friends list." Then I would have never met MH, but I'm glad that I met MH because we both needed each other.

She needed me to allow her to realize that not every man is out to get her, and I needed her to explain to me that night how black women have gone through a lot and that because of this, black women need to be cherished and uplifted. MH told me that black women don't want to feel angry and be judged; they want to feel special. She also said the same for black men, but I'm going to hope for the ladies who read this blog to uplift them too. The truth of the matter is that my relationships tell the story of the hurt and trauma that both our black women and black men have experienced. I personally have a positive outlook on life in many areas, but realized that I viewed black women in a negative light by focusing solely on the negatives. While its true that both genders need work, I know in my heart that the only way to improve our relations is to actually cherish each other. I vow to do my part by cherishing the woman that I'm with in the next relationship that I decide to enter. I promise that relationship won't take place immediately because I realize that I need some unspecified time to actually digest what happened between MH and I before I enter my next relationship so that I avoid dropping this baggage on her.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let's Be Friends -- Wait... No!

Let's Be Friends -- Wait... No!

I haven't known you for a lifetime
I don't know much about you
I do know that I can't stop thinking about you
Then that brings me to think about those fuck-ing text messages sent by me
I felt gorilla-like by my initial anger
I feel like one penny by my current remorse
Wanting you to come back
As I look at my footprint across your back
Its not fair to me, its not fair to you
I now know what it means to say what you mean and mean what you say
Instead, I chose to be mean

See I knew you liked me, admired me
Saw me, in a light that I could not imagine seeing myself
Instead, I construct walls and shoved you out the front door naked
After you've exposed yourself to me,
Beyond bras and panties
You exposed what lies beneath your tits
You made yourself vulnerable

Only for me to act like an animal
Its my ego
Instead of opening the floor for discussion
I shut the door because it didn't make sense to me
You're so trusting in me
I am so cynical
Looking at what's not going my way
Instead of looking at the better way
You are the better way
You are a great gift to me
Given to me by God
Father forgive me for blocking my blessing of she

© Copyright 2009
Glenn Gamble
All Rights reserved

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Attractive Woman With Good Conversation and a Bucket of Chicken

Nothing turns me on more than a sexy woman who can hold good conversation. Its rare to find a less-attractive woman who can hold good conversation, let alone a very attractive woman who can intrigue me through discussion. I am more than a good looking, poker playing writer who talks a good game on my blog and facebook.

She's sexy
I like her --hair, breasts, and derriere
Her face glows
Her beautiful beyond physical

She's sexy
Her words are sexy
Her voice is intoxicating
Her conversation is breathtaking
Talk to me baby
I can't get enough of her
I need her--
In my presence

I gotta have her
Because any woman can brag on her good sex
But not everyone can hold good conversation
She's the one who gives me a sensation and
York peppermint patties have nothing on her
Pillow talk, her everyday talk, real talk
Words are liberating
Her tone is sexy
Yes she's--
The attractive woman who I will share
Good conversation and a bucket of chicken

© Copyright 2009
Glenn Gamble
All Rights reserved

Monday, November 16, 2009

Book Reviewers are Overrated

Am I crazy because I am not crazy about book reviewers who haven’t bought my book? Many of these book reviewers are nothing more than a bunch of egotistical, opportunistic leeches who look for any opportunity to get a freebie out of hard working authors and publishers who actually put the hard money behind the printing and promotion of our books. **By the way, if you have already bought and read A Thousand Chances please go to my official A Thousand Chances review page to submit a review of my book. I am sick of authors and book blog writers advising new authors to send out hundreds of free copies of their books to reviewers who might or might not write a review on your book –let alone write a favorable review. Following that advice is expensive considering that book retailers want a 40% discount on your book with returns (if your book is $10 the book store gets $4 and you get $6; which is grossly unfair when your cost of printing is anywhere from $2 - $4 per book), and the distributors that we are working so hard to establish a relationship with want a 55% discount on your book with returns. It’s even more expensive when you realize that most people don’t read the book review section of the newspaper, magazine or blog which means those reviewers’ reviews –FAVORABLE or UNFAVORABLE— don’t lead to book sales. People influence book sales, not reviewers. In other words, authors and publishers QUIT GIVING YOUR SHIT AWAY FOR FREE!

You don’t fucking need good reviews, YOU NEED SALES. A sale is a fucking sale whether it occurs in a bookstore, at a bus stop, or in a chicken shack. Any book that encourages you to send out your books for review need to be burned in the story Fahrenheit 451 because it’s a waste of money and it doesn’t produce sales. I like reviewers because these are real people who have no other motive than to give their honest opinion of your book after taking the time to read your book. I don’t like top reviewers because they are very much like the book review leeches lurking in online book clubs, blogs, and print media and their giving you a favorable review depends on how much you kiss their asses and stroke there egos, FUCK ‘EM. They all want fucking freebies. You want to review my book, BUY IT!

Furthermore, many of these reviewer go beyond reviewing the quality of the story and start getting nitpicky. For instance, in the story Ex-Boyfriend written by Teresa D. Patterson and myself –although you’ll see only her name, that’s a long story and yes we fell out and I ended up walking away from the project after completion- the urban lit book reviewer says that our book IS A PAGE TURNER. Here’s the exact quote:

Despite it being a page-turner, I would have liked to see more development and suspense with the story and its characters. I also felt as though there could have been more action within the story.

Reviewed by Leona
Urban Fire Books

If there no suspense within the story and could have used more action, then I’m wondering what made our book such a fucking page turner!

And here’s another review:

Even though the book moved at a fast pace, I felt there wasn't enough character development. There wasn't any major drama happening in the book. The main character mostly went to work or back home and Terrance watched her from afar or blew her phone up. The book lacked any real excitement and twists. I thought the book was just okay.

Reviewed by nicole098
Street Lit Clique

The book lacked any real excitement and twists and there wasn’t any major drama happening in the book, yet you still felt that the book moved at a fast pace. How the fuck is that a possibility? Either the book is a good book or it sucks, plain and simple! These overly nitpicky reviews sound more like jealousy of the simple fact that they wish they could be authors too, but lack the imagination, discipline, and grasp of the English language to actually write a readable book. As bad of a beating Urban Lit authors take, even their books have a good enough sentence structure to be readable—but I digress. Of course, my coauthor (again long story) appeared to be so anxious to get this book in the hands of reviewers –FREE OF CHARGE to the reviewers and AT A LOSS to her- and this is the thanks she gets! Fuck these reviewers; I’d rather be what’s hot in the streets. Now if the streets are telling me the shit is garbage, then that’s another story, but I am not going to buy into anything a book club or a reviewer with an audience of 10 people has to say about our book. The only thing these people usually do is get a free book out of an author desperate for a review and pass it on to the rest of the free book wenches in their book club or clique who don’t have $20 to spend on your book anyway because they’re buying weed with their SSI disability checks!

This is why it is so important to get your book into the hands of people, because people sell books, not reviewers and not internet drones who think they’re book reviewers when they’re really welfare recipients who started a ning page and think all urban literature has to have some form of violence, drug dealing and ho’ing in it for it to be a real book because they don’t know life outside their project windows. They don’t speak for the majority of people out here who appreciate a good story regardless of genre. These reviewer don’t even speak for the majority of people who live in the hood, because the majority of people in the hood are out in society going to work, going to different social functions, and they actually do get out beyond their 3-4 block radius. Real people will put out the word for you if your book is good. “Yeah, Glenn Gamble’s book is the bomb! He’s a self-published author, so I think you should support him and buy his book on Amazon.” However, in order to get real people to put in a good word for you, you must go where people are and sell them your book. Get your book into those people’s hands so they can read how good your shit is and recommend it to other people through word of mouth. There’s no use in getting your book in the book section at the Chicago Reader or Time Out Chicago or any other publication when 1) your book is one of several books in that same section that have been reviewed; and 2) only 30 people read the section and since they have so many choices in each section, one review isn’t going to get people to buy your book over the other 5 books regardless of how they we’re reviewed. Save a couple grand and a tree or two and forgo sending out books for reviews. The only people who will make money in the deal are your printer and FedEX –and the book reviewer will get another free book to add to his or her pile of free books being received week after week. These fuckers are never in a bookstore and haven’t bought a book in years, yet they’re egotistical enough to believe they’re the authority on what does or doesn’t make good literature. They’re not the authority, YOU THE PUBLIC is the real authority!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Black Women are Black Women's Worst Enemy

I am so glad that Rihanna has decided to come out to speak out about her ordeal with Chris Brown. However, many people are calling her an opportunist, a bitch, a slut, and a liar for doing so. The majority of these people are black women. Its terrible that when a woman speaks out and shares her story that she's ridiculed by indignant idiots who says that she needs to shut her mouth and move on with her life. No wonder so many women are reluctant to report instances of domestic abuse. In fact, Rihanna herself was reluctant to talk about her experiences!

If a woman who is loved by millions of fans receives this kind of backlash for being a victim, just imagine what the average woman goes through for telling the people closest to her that she's been beat by her boyfriend or that she's been raped. No wonder over 60% of domestic abuse goes unreported. No wonder there are so many instances of rape and child molestation that goes unreported. Black women simply can not talk about their experiences without being criticized, maligned and ostracized.

Here's what one woman had to say:

If it REALLY happened to me, I'd like to keep it private... This whole thing is a joke.. not saying it didn't happen, nut if you'e going to come "out" with the "truth" tell the whole story!!!

Why would it ever be a good idea to keep it private? After a few of us responded, here's what else she had to say:

LoL... Okay Yall... So just run around... hey he beat me he beat me... LoL... Okay... What does that help?@?@?@?

Yes she has more:

YES! I saw the picture and so did the rest of the world. I analyzed the picture OVER AND OVER. He busted her lip... The rest of her face is from crying her eyes out. She has eye make-up on... It doesnt look to me that he hit her in her eye. The other marks are from scuffling. IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE HE "Beat" HER ASS. He was wrong and he was punished. People kill people and NOTHING happens. Let God decide the rest of his fate.

It does not look like he beat her ass? What kind of crack is she smoking because that some shit that was too good for Rick James and Richard Pryor to fuck with.

Wait, there's more!

So now she is no longer embarrassed... and the fact her album is coming out in a week has nothing to do with it... and that they are debuting her video on 20/20 friday has nothing to do with her "coming out" LoL.. ok.

And if it didn't get any more ridiculous:

He was wrong for hitting her. I agree with that fully. I'm just not about to go off a one sided story that sounds less credible the more this young lady speaks. What she says makes no sense. I feel for her and the altercation...

What I am saying, is that if she wanted to be an advocate for domestic violence she needs to say that... and stop playing with people's minds.

What gives this woman the right to determine whether or not this woman can be an advocate for domestic violence? Crack kills!

CHRIS NEVER EVER said his side of the story... EVER!!!

He said he'd talk later from her accounts of the story... then she said she egged him on... and on... and on... he wanted to drop it... and she didn't. I don't think he just hit her because she didn't want to stop talking.... THERE IS WAY more to this story...

As Charles Barkley would say, "that's just stupid! Trbl, trbl, trbl."

And here's another woman on crack who cosigned with her fellow crackhead. Tyrone Biggums would be proud!

And I don't really like your music just stop playing the role you shouldnot have been with the young man in the frist place get a really man and let the kids be kids.... you have mess that young man head up.....Rihanna....

She also had more.

itz alwayz 2 sides of the fence...if u ask me...both of em fulla shit...kno one knows xactly what happened...the shit is old as hell...ppl gon go through shit evrday...they only made a big deal cuz there celebrities...they r still going 2 b famous n still make money

I am so glad that she doesn't have to depend on these heartless gorillas for 100% of her income, and thank God that she can afford to isolate herself from these women. These women have serious emotional problems stemming from unreported and reported domestic abuse, rape, molestation, and child abuse. These women are so damn angry because Rihanna speaking out also reminds them of their past, unhealed wounds that they've never dealt with. Regardless of reason, it is plain irrehensible for these women to have maligned this young woman for having the courage to share her story with the public. Her album coming out this week, who gives a fuck? She's going to have to answer questions surrounding this incident as long as she does publicity for the album, so it was best for her to do a 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer to address these issues. Of course the media is insatiable and she's continuing to speak out, which I'm not mad at, but these ghetto gorillas are when they could direct that energy towards supporting Rihanna.

However, Rihanna did two things wrong in their eyes: 1) she spoke out publically about her ordeal; 2) in doing so she threw the light skinned dude under the bus which is still a no-no in the ghetto gorilla community. Light skinned dudes can do no wrong in the eyes of ghetto ass black women who desire to have babies with these guys to have a chance of having their own light skinned baby with "good hair." How dare she speak ill of the light skinned god Chris Brown? Yes, in y2k9 you still have black people who are fixated on segregation by skin complexion. Combine this with preexisting issues stemming from abuse, rape, molestation, and God knows what else and you got a bunch of mad gorillas after this woman.

Unfortunately, Rihanna isn't alone in suffering backlash and ridicule in the black community. Whenever a black woman cries out about being a victim she's told to "shut the fuck up and move on" and "you must have been doing something wrong to get your ass beat/raped/abused/molested and that's what the fuck you get." These women's mothers, sisters, and girlfriends are the ones telling these women this kind of heartless, mind-numbing bullshit. No wonder over 60% of all domestic abuse goes unreported. No wonder so many instances of rape and child molestation goes unreported. When the women step forward, they're getting criticized and ostracized by the heartless people in their lives who supposedly love them. If you want to get a better understanding of what I'm talking about, go see the movie Precious. Once you see how Precious mother blames her molested daughter for "stealing her husband" you'll understand the sickness that I'm speaking on.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Writer's Block

I'm stumped
Mind's blank as the paper that I stare at
The sheet's peeking at me
We watch each other
Me and the paper
Paper and me
The perfect combination
With blankness in common
Blank expression
Blank appearance
And nothing comes to mind
A brain fog
And its not even cloud number 9

I'm in a rut
I'm stuck
I'm fucked
And I can't even nut
Then it came to me
It came to me naturally
Like sex that's uninhibited
Pussy that's distributed
And I walked away
Closed my notebook
Put away my pen
And didn't come back for days
Days turned to weeks
And then it hit me

© Copyright 2009
Glenn Gamble
All Rights reserved

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She Gone! (I've Moved On)

There was a young lady that I was pretty smitten by recently and I thought for sure that she would become my wife sometime next year or no later than 2011, but a miscommunication led to some doubts which lead to disappointments on both ends which led us to not even speaking to each other anymore. I tried to give her a chance, Lord knows I did, but in the end she pushed me away. I could step up the effort to try to make it work, but the reality is that there's nothing there. There never was anything there substantial, and I knew that I should have kept walking when I walked away that night, but I looked back and you know what happens when you look back: you turn into a pillar of salt.

I think she's a great lady, but she's guarded, pessimistic, cynical and can't allow herself to let go and give herself to me; and I can't be in no relationship where I don't feel that I'm #1 in her life --not when I'm looking for marriage and a family. Heck, I'm not getting any younger and I truly cannot stand when women feel like they can waste time and bullshit time as if we're going to be on this earth forever. "Oh he can wait. He can wait for pussy. He can wait til I forgive him. He can wait until I've finally gotten over the baggage from my previous relationships. He can wait because although I know I love him and I know that I've walked him down the aisle 100s of times since our first date, he hasn't said the magic words. He's arrogant, he's egotistical, he says inappropriate things, and he hasn't said the right things." No, I can't fucking wait! I am who I am, albeit I have my own issues with cynicism, but I can't stand a woman who has lost her optimism.

However, that's what happens when you start dating for marriage. When I was pulling my dick out on women and wiggling it to them and saying "why wait, let's penetrate" I got a lot farther with women, but when we start having these serious conversations ranging from where we're going to live to sending our future babies to private school, all of a sudden I face more difficulties. I've come to the conclusion that these women have dealt with so many bums all their lives that they've become accustomed to settling for shit when they could have sugar instead. "We should send the babies to private school," I say. "For what? That's a waste of money she says. And I love the ghetto and don't want to move out because without me they have no one." See what I'm saying, these women don't fucking want shit for themselves but a shitty lifestyle. They can only see the present and can't and won't plan for tomorrow and these are so-called educated women that I've been dating.

No, they're too worried about how many women respond to my facebook status messages and how I respond to the ridiculous question "Glenn, have you ever cheated on anyone before?" Who the fuck cares? I've said this before, I've said it to her, and I'll say it again. Courtship does not fucking count for shit unless you two are engaged or married. If your man has not invested money in a ring and fellas, if you have not bought the woman a ring, you are not obligated to that woman and she's not obligated to you. Before engagement all you are doing is playing house, cuddling, sucking and fucking.

Despite how good it is to you and how you feel, it means shit unless the man has asked "will you marry me" and she responds "I do." Before that happens, you are single and he is single. I can not get mad over the woman going out to events without me or dating other people if we're not engaged. In fact, none of that shit's my business, just like any women I'm talking to when I first meet a woman is none of her fucking business unless I'm on one knee asking for your hand in marriage. Yes, it sounds harsh and cold, but we affix too many feelings and place too much importance on shit that doesn't even matter. "We've had 15 phone conversations and went out on several dates, he's my play husband and the same rules that apply to a real marriage apply now." FUCK YOU! That's what the courts are going to say if you try to divide any kind of monies or assets with me because "we aren't married and we are not legally obligated to each other."

So how do you know when the other person's right for you? Well, after you've asked the hard questions about lifestyle, managing money, careers, and child-rearing you still have a warm and fuzzy feeling about her and you feel that she's the one AFTER she's answered your questions to your liking about real shit, and you love her on top of that, then its time to get married. Black women are not ready for marriage, they're only ready for boos and bullshit while basing their relationships on monuments of nothingness.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Glenn Gamble, if you’re a poker author, why don’t you talk about poker?

You're probably wondering why I haven't discussed any of my current poker play on this blog when my book is about the marriage of love and poker. Given that I used to play poker for a living should be the backdrop for me to constantly talk about bad beats, flush draws, and my opponents' bad calls, but that's no longer my lifestyle. Sure I still play poker, but I don't play very much and since I've got so much invested in my publishing company I simply don't have the time or the bankroll to play poker for a living. With that being said, I'm probably a better poker player now than I was anytime between 2004 - 2007, when I was making most of my money from poker and in a couple of those years I was making all of my money from poker; however I'm not as alert now as I was back then so I choose not to play much these days.

Being a better poker player and not possessing the alertness and concentration needed to grind out pots everyday is like being a race car driver who’s only focused on the racetrack 85% of the time. Most times he'll be an effective driver and a formidable foe in the field, but all it takes is one time out of that 15% for him to lose concentration and run straight into a wall. The same goes for poker. Yes, I can make the correct play, or plays 85% of the time, but it only takes 1 time out of that 15% of not being focused to make a mistake and lose all my money on a play I would never make if I weren't working 10 - 12 hour days either at my square job or on the street selling my books.

Right now, I feel that growing my brand and growing my business and getting more exposure for my book is way more important than trying to win $100 at the $1/$2 game at the Majestic or Horseshoe Hammond. I want to be able to set up a spendthrift trust for my children before I even consider reliving my former dream to win a WSOP bracelet event. The fastest way for me to do that is for me to sell this book to as many people as I can and owning a few assets that I can put into a trust for however many children that I'm going to have in the next 2 - 5 years. The up and down nature of playing cards simply doesn't provide that security for me. Besides, this book is bigger than poker and this is more important for me and my family than playing for small pots.

Now I'm not saying that I'll never get back to playing serious poker or that I won't play you guys on Full Tilt Poker from time to time, but it will be for painlessly low stakes and it will be twice a week at most. Poker is no longer my main focus and reaching as many readers as possible is. Not only do I want you to buy my book, but I also want us to communicate with each other openly. Becoming some mega celebrity with an entourage is not what I want from life. My main goal short-term and long-term is to build a relationship with you. With that being said, I will always be approachable and I don’t believe that I need to be overly arrogant and stand-offish to be a successful author. I do, however, need for you all to support me and support my writing by going to and getting my books such as A Thousand Chances and other future works because I can’t write books if no one buys them. It’s not that I’m all about the money, but the reality is that if you don’t buy my books I DON’T EAT and if I don’t eat, it won’t be long before I pursue another endeavor that will allow me to eat, but I digress.

Although I don’t talk about poker much, if you have any poker related questions, or any questions at all for me, just shoot an email to

Thank you for understanding.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lady --You don't want to be a man

your heart's broken
emotions got you stuck
not thinking
just saying
"i wish i could be a man"
i wouldn't have emotion
i can fuck with no feelings
then "fuck off" i'll tell em
finger flick em off
but you have no idea sweetheart

being a man is light years apart from womanhood
judging from your anger
your emotion
you'd be no good
you can't fill the duties
swing this big dick
or carry the weight of a man
hell no!

no one feels sorry for you when you get sick
and because you got a dick
you're responsible
no longer can you be wreckless
have unwanted pregnancies
women get a child support check
men get judgments
no public aid so you can afford iced kool aid
no section 8 when you fall on your ass

when you fall on your ass and people realize you got a dick
you're told man the fuck up!
when your significant other has hurt you, fucked you and left you
you're told man the fuck up!
when you have an unwanted pregnancy
no food stamps no WIC thanks to your big swinging dick
man the fuck up!
you can't feed your kids
man the fuck up!
you're about to get evicted
man the fuck up!
need help to get you through hard times?
"you're a healthy man, man the fuck up!"
need a shoulder to cry on or emotional support
dude, man the fuck up!

if you're a woman, someone feels empathy
if you're a man, its simply
man the fuck up!

Still wanna be a man?

© Copyright 2009
Glenn Gamble
All Rights reserved

My Mission

I promise that this is these next 8 months will be the last time I work a job that I hate. I fucking hate my job. I like my company, but I hate my fucking job. I can't stand these stupid ass people in the continental United States who are too fucking stupid to mapquest or drive out to the location that they have a job interview at. These fucks then crap their pants when its minutes before their interview and discover that they can't find the fucking place. I fucking hate that shit! How serious about getting a job can you be when you're too fucking lazy to plan your trip to the interview facility ahead of time? And what reward have I gotten for dealing with these stupid ass people? A promotion that was more like a lateral movement with a few more freedoms? I am so glad that I wrote my book because I need to get out of the structured work environment.

Its time for me to get out here more often and promote the movement behind my book, my poetry, my music and my internet radio show. My mission will always be to speak to and speak on behalf of normal, everyday, hardworking individuals, especially black people, because no one speaks to or talk about us. We are the forgotten ones! Its usually one extreme or another. Either we're portrayed as being butt-fuck poor or rich and arrogant and there's a story that's not being told out here. That's why I write my books, blogs and poems with the passion that I write with. That's why I produce my radio show with the passion that Ms. Biz and I speak with. No one's representing us, but everyone's either talking about the struggle or lying about how much their ballin.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Here's Why 115 Girls are Pregnant at Robeson High School

Let’s realistically talk about this issue. I grew up not too far from Paul Robeson High School, in fact, that was my old neighborhood school. My mother wouldn’t let me go to that school under no circumstances. They have tons of crack babies going to school over there letting out their frustrations with life through violence, not going attending class, and gangs. The gangs at that school were terrible at that school and the latest report coming from Robeson is the teen pregnancy problem. As of right now, 115 girls at Robeson are pregnant. The CBS 2 Chicago news channel reported this and you can read the story at Many people on my Facebook friends list are stunned and Sandra Rose gave her analysis of the problem behind this epidemic . However, this is not news to me. Robeson has had a teen pregnancy problem for over 40 years! I knew girls who were going to Robeson when I was going to Luther South. They were having sex in the 6th grade! I’m wondering why it took over 40 years to finally shed light on the problem at Robeson.

Furthermore, I don’t agree Sandra Rose’s assessment, but I’ll give her an E for effort, but her reasoning overly simplifies the problem and other ethnic groups don’t have as many issues with teen pregnancy as inner-city black people and they’re exposed to just as many images of naked women through TV shows and movies, so BET is not to blame. There are many regions in this country where you have poor people of different ethnic groups and they have proven time after time that when you place people in an environment where they have no access to resources, where they’re dirt poor, uneducated, and possess no job skills; you’re going to have problems with violent crimes, teen pregnancy, and gangs –the same issues that middle America has led you to believe that only occur in the black community.

In the neighborhood surrounding Paul Robeson High School, the majority of parents do not see the value in education, they do not read to their children, they do not make sure they do their homework; its pretty much a vicious cycle of ignorance. Ignorant, high school drop out parents -many of whom are battling their own personal demons- raising high school drop out children. That's one segment of the student body. The other segment of the student body, -the sons and daughters of the church going black folks in the surrounding neighborhood- are being influenced by the functional illiterate school children who are too busy glorifying ignorance, out of ignorance. Its a vicious cycle. Furthermore, if you ask the girls why they're getting pregnant, its to qualify for section 8 and welfare so they can move out their mother's house and repeat a vicious cycle of ignorance, illiteracy, and illegitimacy. As long as the federal government allows for teen moms to get on public assistance and go to school on public money to stay on public aid until they're 40 years old, they'll never get the motivation to be productive in society. Many of these women will say "I'm doing good, I have my own car, my own apartment, and I'm in school." All of which are on the taxpayer's dime.

Want to curb teen pregnancy at Robeson and other schools like it. First and foremost the PARENTS need to start educating their children at home and be involved in their children's education. If you can not afford to send your children to private school then make sure you establish a relationship with their teachers. Go to the school on the first day of school to get to know each one of your child's teachers, and give them your phone number. Second, you must allow these teachers to do their jobs and hold your children, which leads into my third point. Principals and administrators ALLOW THE TEACHERS TO DO THEIR JOBS! Do not cave in to parents' demands that teachers ease up on the children. Teacher too hard on their child... NONSENSE! Principals, quit ordering your teachers to allow children to do make up work and change their otherwise failing grades. If children have to go to high school until they're 21 years old, then that's just what they're going to have to do. What are you teaching these children if you're not holding them accountable for their grades? If you're not demanding children to do their homework and pass their tests ON TIME then their idle minds are going to explore things like unprotected sex and violence. Fourth, quit pretending that teen pregnancy is okay, the onus falls on the parents first, the principals second and the teachers third to communicate the consequences of teen sex. Fifth, encourage these children to stop aiming low for a lifestyle of section 8 and other social services instead of being diploma mills. Perhaps if you work with the organizations for various professions and have them do some community service by showing up to the school for a workshop to show these girls better options than welfare, then maybe they'll use a condom and choose not to be on the welfare rolls.

Blaming TV is not the answer!

Parents, start taking responsibility for your children!

Administrators, quit forcing teachers to reward bad students with passing grades and allow them to teach!

Teachers, hold your students accountable! This can only be done if they have good Principles who will allow them to hold students accountable. I think teachers get unfair blame placed on them for underperforming schools when their Principle is telling them to change their Fs to Cs.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Let's Create New Media in Chicago Media Showcase

I know I'm three weeks late with this information, but I'm really am proud for my podcast, 60 Minutes with Glenn to have been featured in the media showcase. Here's the list of everyone who was featured at the Let's Create New Media event.

Media Showcase @ Let's Create New Media in Chicago

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Check out who had presentations at Let's Create New Media in Chicago!

1. "SVELT Commerical" by David Pickett

2. "The Click Daily Show" by See3 Communications

3. "Hello Lombard" by Sean McMenemy

4. "QUICKBEATS trailer" by Big Teeth Productions

5. "Red Shoe Project - August 2009" by Red Shoe Project

6. An episode of "Beyond The Pedway" by Tim Jahn

7. "Fashion Cents" by Kim Turner & Sean McMenemy

8. "60 Minutes with Glenn" podcast by Glenn Johnson

9. "Heater Werks" by Fig Media

10. "Nightly News at Nine Promo" by David Pickett

11. "After The Boom" podcast by Matt Cheuvront and
Monica O'Brien

12. An episode of "Beyond The Pedway" by Tim Jahn

13. "Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce" by Fig Media

14. "Speak Your Power" by See3 Communications

Are you going to be presenting at our next event? You should! Just let us know and we'll get you set up!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Will Not Apologize

I Will Not Apologize

I will not apologize
For being fly
A young man with swagger from the city of Chi
Its a pity that I--
Am made to feel guilty about all that I have accomplished
And all that I set out to accomplish

I will not apologize
For having goals
For being more than a broke nigga with a hard dick and soft lint
For knowing that there's a difference between being poor and having a broke slave mentality
For having aspirations to give my children more than I had
And I had a lot

I will not apologize
For having a great mother who loves me
Who instilled in me that I can be anything I want to be
That I'm more than just a good looking sperm donor with curly hair and light skin
I'm more than the stereotypical light skinned potential baby daddy that these black women be beggin --for

I will not apologize
For growing up in a hard working class family
For having a mother and grandmother who knew I was special
For my mother making the sacrifices necessary to send me to private school
For my not being a thug who talks about you wanting this dick all day
For demanding that my woman has real substance beyond running up her debt paying lip service

I will not apologize
For being a higher caliber black man than the lower common denominator of black men who pretend to be thugs when they really are bums
For being a black boy from Englewood raised to be a great man who respects women
For knowing that beauty in life extends beyond petty, jive-nigga, hood bullshit
For not cherishing inner city hoods and ghettos for the misdirection and dysfunction that they breed

I will not apologize
For knowing my value and knowing that I'm a king of all that I survey

© Copyright 2009
Glenn Gamble
All Rights reserved

Monday, October 19, 2009

50 Cent Has Truly Outdone Himself this time

Oh shit, Fiddy has got me in stitches. His dissing of Fat Joe has gone to a new level as he was recently rushed to the hospital due to "poisoning." Watch the two segments for more information:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Talib Kweli Should Have Sold 10 Million Records

People always get on facebook and say that the rap songs on the radio suck. I even hear a lot of this same sentiment in passing conversation. However, people won't buy cds from rappers who are really good. Jay-Z is an overrated rapper whose albums are okay at best, yet he's the best selling rapper of all time. Common is a way better rapper than Jay-Z yet it took him a long time to develop the fan base that would enable him to consistently go gold. And the biggest anomaly is the simple fact that Talib Kweli hasn't sold 10 million records. Talib got mad skills, makes great albums --with the exception of Beautiful Struggle), has positive songs that are straight banging, and he's a thoughtful, insightful, and articulate rapper. I mean, what more do you want from a guy? He doesn't sell enough dope in his raps, is that what it is? Check out these Talib Kweli videos and you'll see that this guy should have sold 10 million records.

Talib Kweli - Get By

Cheese | MySpace Video

Talib Kweli on Def Poetry Jam

Valdez {R.I.P. Zar & James} | MySpace Video

This some cold spittin here:

This should have been one of his singles:

I couldn't find the original video for his last single "Listen" so the live version is all I could come across. Just know that "Listen" is some cold as ice spittin'!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wearing Black Face and Buck Dancing

You may think I'm referring to the Australian Blackface Performers Needing a Gut Punch article on RedEye journalist Kyra Kyles' blog, but I'm not --although I give kudos for checking those closeted racist performers and commenters on her blog. No, I'm referring to the functional illiterates who glorify ignorance --the black people who sit around and do nothing but shake their ass to these ignorant Gucci Mane songs. Granted, I saw the Buffie the Body and Gucci Mane YouTube series and I believe that he's truly a 'bama functioning out of ignorance, its the black people who listen to the radio, buy these singles off iTunes, and gyrate to these songs at the club who remind me of the blackface period in Hollywood. A special kick in the ass goes out to all the music programmers at these radio stations taking payola to play the same 10 songs every day.

Its humiliating and sickening to be a part of a generation who say its okay for John Singleton to make movies involving the stereotypical portrayal of the lowest common denominator of black people just because the producer is black. What's even more sickening is that a black producer feels as if he has to make those kind of jive nigga movies to eat. And don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those black militant types who wants to sterilize black movies for every scene of potentially offensive content, but these movies are blatantly jigga-boo offensive. Think of the movie Soul Plane. Do you honestly believe that all black people act like the character portrayals in Soul Plane? Of course not, but what offends me is that in order for black actors to get parts in movies they have to play in a movie full of character gyrating and buck dancing for chicken and watermelon. When do we get angry and demand Hollywood to produce more movies like Why did I get married or almost anything that Spike Lee produced?

And when do we stop crying at vigils and buck dancing at our children's repasts? When do we stop paying lip service to what we need to do and actually start doing? So many people screamed and shouted that we need to do something for our children when Derrion Albert was killed, but no one seems to remember their rants as his story has died down and these pseudo-activists have retreated to their lifestyles of gyrating, buck dancing, clubbing, fucking on empty stomachs, and don't nothing for their communities that echoed their demands for action. These inner-city folk and people on my facebook friends list making such demands ain't shit but a bunch of cowards who pay lip service. None of these bastards were taking the bus to Altgeld Gardens with Jesse Jackson Jr. the other day, and many of them are unemployed. Yet they showered me with criticism when I said that for the time being I'm going to do nothing but make sure I get married and raise my children to be productive citizens, that's how I'm going to give back to a society of inner-city black people who don't care to raise their children and don't give a shit about them terrorizing their own neighborhoods as long as they have a bucket of Harold's Chicken and a Friday movie to comfort them.

, the author is aware of and recognizes that there are many good parents in the inner city struggling to raise their children to be productive citizens in an often hostile environment of poor neighborhoods overrun with unproductive neighbors who half-ass parent future sociopaths who ridicule, tease, and bully these children for striving to be productive. If it isn't the bad neighborhoods run by shitty aldermen living off the democratic ticket its poor schools, lack of business growth, and a lack of jobs that these children have to combat. I'm not referring to these tireless parents who are basically tired of the same shit that I'm talking about.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

R Kelly Tattoo

I just read in the Red Eye this morning about a misguided young lady who got a tattoo of R. Kelly on her back and missed school to attend each day of his trial( Its totally unbelievable how stupid people can be over celebrities. Why would you want a tattoo of a man who defiled a 14 year old girl on tape? Why the support for a pedophile who got off?

This woman missed school to attend his week-long trial and named her babies after R Kelly. Am I the only one who finds this sickening?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Black Church Folks Denying Their Own Violent Children

I had forgotten how much fun it is to create live podcasts. With that being said, Ms. Biz and I covered a really serious topic in the wake of all the newscasts about youth violence in Chicago with the most recent death being Derrion Albert, a 16 year old honor roll student at Fenger High School. Instead of talking about the usual scapegoats in our community we discussed the hypocritical black church community and their involvement in combating youth violence throughout their years, or their lack thereof. We even fielded a few calls, so without no further ado, click play to listen to the show.

This a call for black church people to claim responsibility for the actions of their very own violent children who terriorize inner-city neighborhoods across america. Their violent impact can be felt especially in the Englewood and Roseland communities in Chicago where the recent death of Derrion Albert took place. Whose kids are these that are committing the crimes? Why are church members, politicians and activists asking why when they know the answer's right under their noses? Why do our religious leaders want the police and the government to parent our children?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Chamillionaire's Twitter Business Sense --Opinion by Glenn Gamble

I'm really pumped about the existence of Twitter. At first, I hated Twitter because I didn't understand how to use it and I felt that there was no way to network with other online users. This was until I met several people at the Let's Create New Media in Chicago event who gave me business cards with their Twitter pages on them. We were also instructed to send tweets to #letscreate so I went back home, said "what the hell" and added the people I met at the event and I'm blown away with all the good content that's being openly shared back and forth. I feel that my business acumen has been sharpened tremendously in the past week and a half.

This has really motivated me to get out here on my grind, get my book hustle on, and really interact with my fans online. In the past, I've used my facebook page strictly for talking trash and didn't really take it seriously as an extension of my business and up until today, I still haven't. Now that I've seen Chamillionaire discuss how Twitter has really enabled him to interact with his fans and build loyalty, I will take social networking a lot more seriously. Don't get me wrong, I'll still be jovial, sarcastic, and downright blunt, but I have been shown the light and realize that now its time for me to really get serious about my business from this point forward. It really feels like everything's starting to come together for me with the great people that I met at Let's Create to the recent Examiner article that I was featured in -- Do black men care about black women's hair?-- to the discovery of this video thanks to thescottbishop, I feel like everything is starting to come together.

Take a look at this excellent interview with Chamillionaire.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Couldn't Be Wrong about Drake

I might have to recant my recent claims about Drake being overrated if he keeps delivering blizzards like this! Play the video below... Drake's verse is freebase dope!

Drake- Forever

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Most Overrated Rappers and Singers

The list of overrated rappers and singers that I compiled is in no particular order, with the exception of Jay-Z being the most overrated on the list. I decided to whip up this list because I'm bored out of my mind at work, enjoy!


He once called himself Jigga-man, I'll call him jigga-boo. He's somewhat of an anomaly for he has made a career and built an empire releasing album after album with a nothing but one or two good songs on them, yet he's considered the best rapper of all time. In fact, out of 11 albums Jay-Z has only put out two good albums. Don't believe me? I guess yall forgot how garbage Dynasty was, hell Volume 1, 2 and 3 were weak albums with 1 or 2 hit songs on each of them. Don't tell me yall forgot about Kingdom Come? Weak! The Black Album? Weak! American Gangster? You've got to be kidding! I still want my money back from Blueprint 2 and Blueprint 3; they're garbage too. Out of 11 albums, only Reasonable Doubt and Blueprint 1 were any good. How does this cat even consider himself to be the Michael Jordan of rap? Better question, why do Jay-Z's fans believe that bullshit? I think Jay-Z's fanbase has the brain capacity of Homer Simpson smoking crack. I really don't understand his appeal. Its not like he's an overly handsome motherfucker unless you consider a lab rat looking motherfucker handsome. So far Jigga has a one hot album every 7 album average.

50 Cent

G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Unit! I actually like Curtis Jackson to some degree. His albums suck, but he more than made up for that with all those Pimpin' Curly videos on YouTube. "Hand me my shit nigga. Motherfuckers, try to get a nigga frustrated. That's what they do to a motherfucking pimp. Wanna make a nigga don't look good." LOL... You gotta see the video that I'm referencing to to understand why I think that line is so funny.

However, when has anyone said "Fiddy is one of the best rappers of all time?" With the exception of the occasional sheltered suburbanite kid, NEVER! I'll give Fiddy props for being the hustler that I'm trying to gather up enough nerve to be. This cat is getting money off Vitamin Water, Reebok, G-Unit books, his record label, etc. Hell, he found a way to make money off mumbling which gives hope to every illiterate black child in the urban ghettos across the United States. Needless to say, I cannot ignore his wack ass songs. Songs like Wanksta, Many Men, 21 Questions and my personal favorite Paper Chaser are wangin', but the rest of that bullshit is straight corny. Did any of yall hear "I Get Money?" And even though this other song became a catchphrase used by the broke young black people who wanna be hood, but work a square ass job as someone's bitch for corporate america --I Get it In is fucking horrible. So yes, I admire his hustle which has become an inspiration to me --same goes for Jay-Z who sold cds out the trunk of his car-- his music is overrated.

Jamie Foxx

Let me make one thing clear; I love the movie Ray just like everyone else, but a triple threat... BULLSHIT! There's no doubt that Jamie Foxx is extremely talented. However, with the exception of his old tv show, his music sales from his previous album and Ray --that talent hasn't materialized on a consistent basis. Think about it, is he a huge box office draw? Not according to his box office numbers. What about his music? The same fans that like Soulja Boy Tell 'Em are the ones who actually idolize him. He has the chops, but he hasn't put out anything anyone over 25 years old would like. Naw, let me take that back, there are still a lot of people my age who haven't grown up and think that Real Housewives of Atlanta is a quality TV show. Don't think Jamie Foxx is overrated? Let's start with his acting ability. Can he hold his own? Yes, but is he a legend in the making... No. When you think of the top actors in Hollywood Jamie's on no one's short list. What about his music? Okay, would you consider him as one of the top 10 singers in the game RIGHT NOW when everyone's putting out garbage? Most people would name 30 singers before mentioning Jaime's name. Oh yeah, "Blame it on the Alcohol" was pretty garbage too. Comedy? I won't go there.


You've got to be kidding. This dude is a live jiggaboo characature, and an unknown organism that sings about falling in love with strippers, buying skank hos drinks, and being pretty much a trick bag. Not to mention that he sounds terrible using the talk box and sounds even worse live. How the fuck did this guy go multiplatinum is beyond me. He's an anomaly because he's not talented, not good looking, and he looks a shit turd with a Homey the Clown outfit on. I mean, look at that fucking outfit he has on in the picture. His monkey ass looks like he eats his food off the floor.

Lyfe Jennings

I think he has good intentions but he tries to damn hard with his preachy approach. I understand that this dude served 10 years in prison and I actually admire that he turned his life around, but I don't like people yelling at me at the end of almost every song. Must Be Nice was a moving video, but his lyrics weren't the most profound. And Let's Stay Together? Listen to what he's saying at the end of that song. First of all, its overrated, second he's advocating staying in relationships that are murky at best. On the other hand, he's gotten caught up in a few legal issues lately, and I hope that when its all said and done he does what he has to do to not get caught up in that kind of bs. Although he's overrated, he does possess a good voice and I hope he sings better songs in the future, and then kick T-Pain's ass at the next BET awards... just kidding about the last part.

Musiq Soulchild

I just don't like this motherfucker because he's always crying and begging for pussy. This one woman that I used to hang out with had the nerve to tell me that Musiq Soulchild is this generation's Marvin Gaye. I am convinced that TA is smoking crack --which is probably why she's still so thin after all these years. Okay, his latest single "Sobeautiful" is straight crack, but that "Teachme" was some straight crying ass "here's my pride and dignity woman. My balls have officially been detached from my body." And "B.u.d.d.y" is horrible! The beat is horrible, the lyrics are horrible, and his voice isn't suited for that track, but the people who listen to urban radio all day liked that bullshit. And let's not mention how wack "Juslisten" was.

Honorable Mention:


He's overrated, but I gave him honorable mention because he seems to have the potential to be considered one of the greatest if he delivers a few good albums. At the same time, I still don't know whether or not I like this fucker. Sometimes he's downright horrible (The Best I Ever Had), sometimes he's almost witty (Every Girl) and sometimes he's almost pretty good (Successful). Calling him the best rapper in the game right now is unwarranted, and a lot of people are even saying that he's better than Lil' Wayne. No way he's better than Weezey F. Baby -- please say the baby! (I just wanted to say that part... lol). So far, he's been nothing more than an annoying parasite that all the broke hoodrats on my facebook friends list seem to adore.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

LIVE Today!

This past week has been hit hard with well publicized deaths of young people with the most recent being my former high school classmate Lawrence Peterson. My condolences goes out to his family and I could not imagine being a parent or a sibling of this young man who died much too young at 28 years old. I personally didn't know him well, I knew of him as the really tall cat in my Physics class who played on Lindblom's basketball team. That fact doesn't make his death any less surreal, especially with us being the same age. He's a young man who died much too young at the hands of a driver who ran a stop light

I'm sharing this story because this week has been a constant reminder that tomorrow isn't promised to us. When I first saw the news from former classmates on facebook I said to myself "Oh my God, this can't be!" Not to mention that this is the same day as Derrion Albert's funeral. After coming down from the initial shock I discovered a renewed sense of urgency. Life is too short to be living with regrets, to be living with and holding on to past hurts, to be waiting for anything in life to come to you. If you want something in life GO AFTER IT NOW! If you always wanted to take that trip to a certain destination, BOOK IT NOW even if you have to book it 3-4 months in advance on your credit card to get the best deal DO IT! If you want to get that degree in nursing GET ENROLLED NOW for the upcoming spring semester. If you care about that friend that you hurt, call her up, text her, email her, and tell her you're sorry and that you love her. Don't let another day pass by without taking action. Get fucking moving right now!

In my case, I have to get out here and sell my book TODAY and not a day later, if one person says no, so what, next! Move on to the next one until enough people say yes because life is SWSWSW -- some will, some won't, so what! I have to prepare to be married with 4 children within the next 5 years RIGHT NOW. All that "you have time" or "you have your whole life ahead of you" is bullshit. The problem with us is that we don't get off our asses soon enough and we use those phrases as excuses to procrastinate, me included. As a result, two things will happen; either we'll pass away before getting around to setting our plans in motion or we'll look up and we're 80 years old seemingly the next day. Either way, death creeps up on us sooner than expected and life is short! Too fucking short and too fucking precious to be sitting up here talking about "I'm still torn by the breakup with my boyfriend/girlfriend of the past 5 years." Take your fucking power back, take your life back, take your soul back! Don't let these lousy motherfuckers suck the life out of you. If you got a dream, a desire, an idea, fucking pursue it now! What the fuck are you sad about? Okay, shed tears, burn pictures, pay your debts or lose the house and start over; whatever you have to do to move forward DO IT! Do it while you have your life, its too damn precious not to.

Lawrence Peterson
Derrion Albert

Friday, October 2, 2009

Daley Finally Doesn't Get His Way --Chicago Loses Bid for 2016 Olympics

I'm happy to see that for once in my lifetime fat-boy Rich Daley didn't get what he wanted. He tried to go to Copenhagen and bully and intimidate his way into a winning bid by criticizing the other host cities and using the same tactics that he uses to keep his city aldermen in check. Thank God the IOC has bigger balls than the city aldermen and turned Chicago down. Now its time to vote porky out of office because the redlining --I mean redeveloping-- of Washington Park and Bronzeville will be put on hold. The best hope for redlining --excuse me, I mean revitalizing-- Bronzeville was for Chicago to win the Olympic games. With the economy the way it is, there's no telling how long redevelopment will take.

Of course, I checked my facebook page and saw that it was ringing with statuses left and right with people expressing how happy they were that Chicago didn't win the olympic bid for 2016. People were saying "okay, maybe Mayor Daley can focus more on the crime in the city and spend money on stopping the violence in the city." These statements were mostly coming from black people. Don't get me wrong, I love my black people, but collectively we've been addressing inner-city crime in a half-assed manner. First we want to blame our politicians, then we want to blame the rap music, then the availability of guns, then TV; in other words we want to blame everyone but ourselves for black neighborhoods having an overwhelming number of these savage crimes occuring in our neighborhoods in comparison to other ethnic groups with the hispanics being an exception. Even then, there's no excuse for our children to be violent, but the real issue here is that we're not addressing the real root of the problem in our communities: BAD PARENTING.

The parents of these criminals 95% of the time are fucking awful, yet we want to blame the police, the mayor and the rappers for our dirty laundry. As many things as I can say about Mayor Daley one thing I can't say is that he's responsible for our children terrorizing the neighborhoods. The Stop Snitching code was a code amongst criminals, not amongst square citizens harboring and protecting these pseudo-thugs who are crying like bitches when they're in the precinct singing like canaries. The fact of the matter is we're complaining about it, pretending that we're outraged, but turning our heads when senseless crimes occur. No one wants to do shit about the crime beyond saying "the mayor need to do something about the crime" and the worst suggestion was for the National Guard to come in the city. These cowardly people are saying "we need to be more active in the community," but in reality, they want someone else to actually carry out the action while they continue to preach empty declarations.

And don't say that we can't do anything ourselves. If your neighborhood is a high crime neighborhood, one way you can take it back is to copy the positive loitering movement that's occuring in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood, but don't sit up here another minute waiting for someone to do something in your neighborhood. Unless you're going to be proactive in reporting crimes and making a stand to let these wanna-be thugs know that you're not going to tolerate their shit; you may as well stay quiet and cower in a hole somewhere. In tandem with a positive loitering movement, black people in these neighborhoods need to be better parents than they have been. Unfortunately in these neighborhood slums, black folks celebrate ignorance and ridicule education and success. Until these things change, no amount of funding will change these neighborhoods.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let's Create New Media in Chicago event

Last night's media event was a smash! My 60 Minutes with Glenn podcast was featured in the multimedia showcase. The the list of other podcasts and videos featured at Let's Create can be found in Shamontiel's excellent write up of the event at The vibe was great and there was an energy there that words can't describe, not to mention that I met some very interesting people who are also forging ahead in the movement to transcend "new media" (my new favorite buzz word) to inconceivable new heights!

So what is NEW MEDIA? Check out my answer in the following video shot on location at Let's Create. I'm the light-skinned guy one who looks like I'm 6'9" and 310 lbs cheesing my ass off on the video at the 2:07 minute mark.

Let's Create New Media in Chicago! - 9.29.09 from Tim Jahn on Vimeo.

A special thanks goes to Fig Media, Midwest Media Now, Beyond the Pedway, and Big Teeth Productions for putting this event together and giving us creative media folks a chance to network. I can't wait for the next event!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Glenn, get involved in your community!

Everytime a well-publicized tragedy occurs such as the one involving Derrion Albert of Fenger high school, all of a sudden everyone starts shouting "we need to get fed up enough to get actively involved in our communities and in the lives of these children to actually make a difference." And everytime, a bunch of people agree in unison, "you're preaching the truth!" Or make a some statement to that effect. Then of course I get on here and say the obvious truth, "we may agree that we need to get fed up enough to get involved, but the inner city residents will never get fed up enough because collectively we're a bunch of cowards." That's my point of view on it and it will remain my point of view. Of course I'm told that I need to stop thinking collectly and that I need to make it an individual task to get involved, for it only takes one match to light a fire. That statement proves my point! We're all looking for someone else to carry out the actions that we personally think need to be done to instigate positive change instead of putting your money and time where your mouth is. The fact of the matter is, that most of us have a ton of ideas, but we're too selfish to carry them out because we're all making too little money at our shitty jobs to get ahead.

So when I made the following statement in response to hers "my individual task will be to make a 6 figure salary so I can take care of my family, have my future wife at home with my bad ass gambling/card hustling kids with the intent of raising productive citizens. I would like to do extra, but more than likely I won't because deep down inside I don't want to fight with these kids' parents and unstable home lives." Of course she proceeds to tell me that she can't stand people like me, but at least I'm honest. My thing about regular, square folks is that they get on WVON, Facebook, or any other forums and always talk about how "we need to do something to the effect of getting more involved in the communities to save these kids" yet the same people making the suggestions don't take action and honor their own suggestions more times than not. To all those people telling me what I need to do or what I should do, if you really feel that strongly about it TAKE HEED TO YOUR OWN SUGGESTIONS AND DO THEM YOURSELVES!

Do I feel that more needs to be done? Of course I do! Was my exchange harsh? Yes, but so is reality. The fact of the matter is, I have yet to figure out what I'm going to do community service-wise, but it has to be something that I believe in personally. I don't believe in 2 hour marches, I don't believe in anti-gun rallies, or anti-gun laws for tha matter. I don't believe in our self-appointed community leaders, church pastors or any other fill in the blank hypocrites that permeate the inner city ghettos with loud talk, moving sermons, and no actions --ALL OF THAT SHIT HAS BEEN INEFFECTIVE. I always believed from my days as a gambler that an action is always more effective at instigating change of any kind than empty words with no action behind them. I do have some ideas that I've come up with long before Derrion's tragedy, but implementing that process will take a couple years if I'm successful.

If you haven't figured out the best thing to do for your community as an activist, here's how you can have a huge impact on your community.

1) Value your offspring
2) Honor your wife
3) Honor your family
4) Provide the best for your children
5) Be involved in their education
6) Be their parent, not their best friend
7) Be strict when necessary, and be lenient when necessary
8) Be strict with the values that you're going to raise your children with
9) Know your children's friends and be quick to cut them off from bad influences
10)Love your children

If more families did those things we'd more of an impact on the community than volunteering one hour a day painting your local school's fence.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fenger High School Teen Beaten to Death --On Tape

This is sickening and very graphic. I wish I had answers, but nothing can justify the events that took place on this videotape. The sad part about it, these kids involved will go home to some parent, grandparent, or other adult whose going to aid and abet these kids so that they don't get locked up for the horrific crimes they committed.

I'm tired of marching, singing negro spirituals, and shedding tears. What do we do to take our streets back? When do we stop aiding and abetting these criminals? Being a kid is no excuse for having a lack of humanity. What do we do to force parents to raise their children instead of drinking gin and juice and fucking on their dirty mattresses located in their section 8 apartments all day? I'm tired of the excuse that their parents are away at work while their kids are raising themselves; more times than not this is not the case. I'm tired of people like myself asking questions like these, but not taking action on the shit. When do we stand up and say enough is enough? I have decided that I will be moving out the suburbs and into a neighborhood like this one for personal reasons that have nothing to do with this tragedy. What do I need to do to instigate a change in a community like this one?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Tiger in the Back of the Truck!

I got this coworker at my temporary job who says the most ignorant things and tells the craziest stories. To get a better idea of how he acts, let's just say that every black person's first name to him is nigga. This guy is a true 'bama, but nevertheless he's such a fool that I don't even want to beat his ass when he says some out of pocket shit to me. I just keep reminding him that the NAACP buried the word nigger (includes nigga) two years ago.

Like I said, he tells the craziest fucking stories and I'm going to create a character based on him in one of my future books. Near lunch time he starts telling us this story about one of the drug kingpins on the west side of Chicago. He says, "nigga, I saw the craziest shit on Madison and Independence! The muthafuckin' dope dealer was riding around in his truck with a black and white tiger hangin' out the back growling at people. Muthafuckas was scared than a motherfucka. That nigga just kept growling and I said got damn, it that ain't a motherfuckin' tiger!" The story made no fucking sense, and we all were in stiches.

A few moments later he tells us about the Lion that roams on the side of the road in Ohio. The locals told him "yeah, that's where he roams." "They had to pull the teeth out that nigga!" At this point, I totally lost it! I thought I was going to bust a gut laughing so hard.

Man, this is so ridiculous that I can't make this shit up.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Carson Daly Disses Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Carson Daly is a metrosexual wimp! Here's what he had to say to Curt Wagner from the Chicago Red-Eye newspaper and :

Carson Daly loves Chicago, but he's not so sure about Gino's East deep-dish pizza.

"I'm not convinced," the late-night host told me on Saturday after he ate about half a slice of sausage pie. "Let me try the thin crust.

What a pansy! Seriously, I can't fault Carson Daly for being so wimpy when it comes to pizza. A real man would settle for nothing less than a deep dish spinach and cheese pizza, not that fucking thin crust bullshit unless its from one of two ghetto ass Italian Fiesta locations on the South Side. If fact, if you go to Gino's East, you better not buy me no thin crust pizza. I'll feed that shit to my dogs.

Next time Carson, take your mamby pamby ass to Starbucks to enjoy one of those pumpkin spiced lattes with no shots of expresso.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Glenn Gamble's Game Plan

Here are the steps that I'm going to take to become successful beyond my wildest dreams:

1) Direct sell my books (A Thousand Chances) anywhere there's a bunch of people starting today 9/20/2009. I will do this for the next 5 years and 3 months.

2) Buy a 6 - 12 flat building cash after 6 months - 1 year of direct selling my books.

3) Refinance that 6 - 12 flat for amount of money it will take for me to buy and fix up the building and buy and fix the next building. This will happen after I fix up the first building. I will repeat this process for a lifetime.

4) Start my non-profit organization for Art, Music, and Theater 3 years from the date that I set to start direct selling my books.

5) Get married in 3 - 5 years from today's date.

My goal is to make $100,000 per year starting in 2010.

Friday, September 18, 2009

How Should I Spend $30,000?

I will not buy another car
I will not buy another car
I will not buy another car

Okay, I said it three times, but I was seriously considering spending $30,000 on a SUV that I'm so infatuated with. I almost convinced myself that I needed this vehicle, but the truth of the matter is that I don't need a new SUV. In fact, I have a very nice car as it is. Its not a Cadillac, but its the brand that rhymes with that GM brand. I tried to give every excuse why I need to buy this car from "a SUV has 4 wheel drive, I like big trucks, I can use it to haul materials when I'm rehabbing a property, and my mother can use it for her properties too... Yep, I know I'm so full of shit, but those were the reasons that I came up with to spend $1200+ per year on auto insurance to go along with a $700 - $800 note.

Its fucking stupid, but I like toys and I'm materialistic and that's what materialism does to people... it makes us consume more shit that we don't need. Why should I ever spend $30,000 on a liability when I have a book to put my resources behind and other investments that would give me a better return on my money than a SUV? This is what we were taught by this materialistic, unrealistic American society.

At the beginning of my blog I posted three times that I will not buy another car. I mean it!